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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / TrickyPaw, is an All-New Smart Gadget Toy for Cats That Aims to Release Their Natural Hunting Nature

TrickyPaw, is an All-New Smart Gadget Toy for Cats That Aims to Release Their Natural Hunting Nature

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Live on Kickstarter, exploit your cat’s hunting nature by bringing a new hunting experience through vision, hearing and touch.

— TrickyPaw, the revolutionary new smart cat toy that aims to tap into a cat’s natural hunting nature, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Cats are natural predators with natural hunting instincts. That’s why toys like lasers and squeaky sounds instantly draw the attention of cats worldwide. TrickyPaw is a breakthrough new project specifically designed from the ground up with a cat’s inherent nature in mind to combine the best of what felines love into a smart, app-controlled toy that will keep their attention for years.

“The founder and designer of MayMaw found that their own pet cats often loved many different types of toys individually such as laser lights, electronic balls, and other toys with sounds— but they would eventually tire of them,” says Marketing Manager Cathy Zeng on the inspiration behind the project. “There are currently no other toys on the market that combine sounds, light and an app. Thus, the founder came up with the idea to replace the laser light with an LED light, have sounds to attract cats and also can be controlled via an app to help strengthen the bonding between the owner and their cat while providing an all new experience for cats”

TrickyPaw is a feature-packed, intelligent toy that is designed around a feline's natural hunting instincts keeping them entertained and accompanied all day long. It includes the following features so cats can experience and play with light, sound and touch:

• Interactive App Control
• Intelligent Automatic Mode
• 9 Different Sound Effects
• Animated LED
• 9 Pre-programmed Movable Routes
• 4 Bumpy Texture Areas
• Removable Accessories
• Safe and Durable Material

Owners can interact with their cat in real-time through the app, allowing them to join in the fun and actively participate in their cat's hunting process. Users are able to customize the escape routes of the “prey” or select 9 programmed routes, switching different simulated sound effects to attract the cat's attention. In addition, pre-programmed escape routes sounds are intelligently and randomly matched, keeping cats entertained when owners are away.

“The more we learn about cats, the more we find that they have their own areas of interest. Since cats are natural hunters, they are full of curiosity and a natural desire to hunt anything that moves. For example, it is common to see a cat trying to catch moving images on TV screens. They are also drawn towards some sounds like movement of small objects. Even when we work on the computer, we find them trying to catch the mouse cursor dragging across the screen,” adds Zeng. “The TrickyPaw captures all of these experiences an all-in-one feline hunting experience through vision, hearing and touch.”

TrickyPaw is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About MayMaw

MayMaw-a pet tech company, focuses on developing, producing and selling pet-related innovative products, including pet intelligent electronic toys and other pet innovative products. MayMaw’s mission is to provide fun, affordable, and quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families. While providing customers with high-quality, safe and innovative products, we will constant to provide pet owners and their pets with the best consumer experience and customer service.

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