Treat Emotional Pain and Fear Fast Simple Percussive Suggestion Technique Launch

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PSTEC, a fast, powerful and simple mentoring audio track has been launched. The technique was designed by the hypnotherapist, Tim Phizackerley to eliminate or reduce emotional pain and fear.

Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC), a basic mentoring audio track, has been launched. The technique was discovered by a therapist with the aim of eliminating or reducing emotional pain and fear.

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The Basic PSTEC Click Track is a unique 11-minute audio track that can be played to anyone to create a resolution for almost any problem related to unwanted emotions or feelings. It is seen as a therapy treatment alternative to cognitive behavior (talk) therapy, EFT, NLP, and hypnotherapy.

The newly launched package is free and is available to everyone; those seeking self-help and therapists seeking to help others. Additional packages are available for various purposes, both general and specific.

PSTEC was created with the notion that the human mind is the product of evolutionary processes, and at its heart lies an organic computer. Founder of the treatment, Tim Phizackerley, during his research discovered that the one thing which absolutely all computers have in common is that they run programs.

Being a hypnotherapist, Tim delved deeper into the mechanisms underlying hypnosis, and thus recognized certain things about the interaction between the conscious and subconscious. These, he believed, could open the door to literally reprogramming the subconscious computer in new and innovative ways. As a result, PSTEC was birthed.

PSTEC has so far been described as of the simplest and also one of the best techniques that Tim has worked on. Subsequent to his discovery of the therapy program, the hypnotherapist observed how the mechanisms behind hypnosis take place in everyday human interactions both with other people and also with the environment.

Tim’s finely tuned model of the human mind describes in great detail the ways in which the human mind works and in particular how language, information, and experiences are processed. The therapist has discovered some fairly unusual ways to “open the subconscious” and then to apply new and beneficial programming to help his clients.

PSTEC audio works by combining anchors with pattern interrupts and a unique form of deep suggestion to create a rapid and lasting release from any problem feeling or emotion.

The percussive sounds on the audio perform very specific functions which include; creating an intensive and essentially emotionally neutral state at very specific points on the track, repetitively anchoring the intensive mental state being experienced, and designing the percussive sounds to maintain a level of user focus on the problem in a specific way.

The audio comprises different level packages, designed to treat various conditions associated with emotional pain and fear. Some of these conditions include anxiety and panic attacks, eating disorders, stress, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Interested parties can visit the above-mentioned website for more information on PSTEC.

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