Travel Medicine Helps Keep International Travelers Healthy

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From pre-departure consultations and immunizations to the sharing of valuable safety tips and precautions, a travel medicine clinic will keep international traveler healthy on their trip.

If you are considering international travel, a critical part of planning your trip is to call your local travel clinic for help in protecting your health. The CDC recommends travelers travel medicine services including travel vaccinations before traveling outside the United States. Travel medicine can help families stay healthy abroad with preventive care and a pre-departure consultation. A travel medicine specialist advises is not only qualified to administer travel vaccinations, but they can inform travelers on the health risks in the counties they are visiting.

There are many foreign disease and viruses across the world including malaria, coronavirus, yellow fever, and more. This is why travel medicine in the form of preventative vaccines and other health measures needs to be an important part of your basic travel preparations. This is why visiting a travel clinic 4-8 weeks before your trip is so important.

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Certain travel vaccines are required when traveling abroad to some areas. While others are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. A travel clinic will be able to inform you and administer all required and recommended vaccines you need based on your itinerary. Generally, you’ll get vaccinated for tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella. You might need vaccines for yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A, and other diseases. You may also need preventative medications such as an anti-malarial medication, and medication to prevent severe traveler’s diarrhea or motion sickness.

Travel health clinics aim to help patients stay healthy and protect themselves from potential diseases indigenous to their destination. For travelers living near Chicago, Illinois, the local travel clinic is Dedication Health. Dedication Health doubles as a travel medicine clinic and full-service concierge medical practice. The Chicago travel clinic‘s specially-trained onsite Travel Medicine specialist, Santiago A. Candocia, MD, FACP, equip international travelers and their families with the knowledge and pre-departure preventative care that they need to stay safe on their next trip.

Travel doctor, Dr. Candocia, works with travelers to make sure that your family is educated on the latest travel health and safety precautions, specific to the patient’s itinerary. Dr. Candocia and team will also ensure that all appropriate tests are conducted, vaccinations administered and prescriptions ordered prior to the family’s departure to a new destination.

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