Announces the Selected Top Expert Tips for the week of June 14, 2014 interviews business professionals, worldwide, and selects the top expert tips. TTE is pleased to announce the selected tips for the week of June 14, 2014

— TTE recognizes AutoWorlds LLC as The #1 Automotive Repair Facility in Overland Park KS. Their tip is;

“Often misunderstood is the need to maintenance a vehicle. If the oil is changed regularly (the single most important secret to making a car last) and the tires rotated regularly, the vehicle will generally last twice as long as a vehicle that only gets attention when it actually breaks.” AutoWorlds LLC owner Ray Motes commented.

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TTE recognizes Wes Harrison and his as the #1 Offline Business Coaching Site. His tip Is;

“For every dollar spent in coaching, the gained value should be at least 10 times that in saved time, actionable knowledge, and guidance on the implementation of lessons learned. Going it alone, especially today with information delivery systems advancing at light speed, is futile. Get Help From Someone” said Wes Harrison.

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TTE recognizes Reina Moore as the nations #1 Hair Extension Expert. Her tip is;

“Hair extensions can instantly make a woman look 10 years younger. Women are always trying to look younger and sexier and hair extensions can instantly provide that without crazy dieting, or dangerous surgery. It takes only a few hours and presto, a new sexier woman emerges and that is what women love about good quality hair extensions” said Reina in an interview.

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TTE recognizes Dr. Michael Tomlinson, Wesley J. Harrison and The Healthy Back 4 Life Program Guide as the #1 All Natural Back Pain Relief Life Recovery Guide. Their tip is;

“When someone suffers from back pain, it seems as if the enjoyment of life comes to an abrupt stop. It does not have to be that way. Dr. Tomlinson and Mr. Harrison developed a program guide to help others recover their life, without surgery the way Wes has. We hope this will provide insight and encouragement to the sufferers of back pain” said Dr. Tomlinson

For more information or to contact Dr. Tominson & Mr. Harrison, visit:

TTE recognizes Will Lowen of First Trust Financial in Kansas City, MO as the #1 Mortgage Planner. Their tip is;

“One of the factors underlining the American Dream consists of purchasing and officially owning a house. Buyers need to understand the depth of the mortgage information available to them in order to obtain a risk-free loan for their home. Seek advise first, then decide what loan is best” said Will Lowen.

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TTE recognizes Jared Cross of Good Green Lawn & Landscape in N. Kansas City, Mo as the #1 Lawn & Landscape Expert in North Kansas City. His tips are;

“Think three months in advance. A yard is a living entity and should be cared for the same as a pet would be and it will reward you with beauty all year round” said Jared.

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TTE recognizes Cary Duke as a Top Business Lead Generation Expert. His tip is;

“Create content that serves to help people. Useful content targeted to your ideal customer submitted on a regular and consistent basis to the search engines is how the game is won” Cary comments

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TTE recognizes Claidia and Kamal Fuleihan of as the Top Landscape Experts in Olathe, KS. Their tip is;

"When thinking about designing a yard, the perfect landscape design must consider many variables that are often overlooked. Using computer aided design technology to test the design features helps to prevent problems before they even arise” Kamal said when asked.

For more information or to contact Claidia and Kamal, visit:

TTE recognizes Wesley J. Harrison as the Internets #1 Business Marketing Expert. His tip is;

“To attract the ideal prospect into any business, a company must clearly define what their 'ideal' customer is first. Then create real, relevant, useful, content that actually helps people and strategically optimize it so the 'ideal' customers can easily find it” said Wes

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