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— TRP recognizes MobileLocalSocialUSA as a top professional in Real Estate and Business Consulting.

“True authority comes from experience and one-on-one relationships. However, perceived authority is greatly enhanced by positioning in the market through media exposure. This invariably makes you a top expert in the eyes of your peers but more importantly in the eyes of your clients and customers.”

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TRP recognizes Steve Bumgardner as a top professional in National and Local SEO.

“Positioning yourself as the expert or authority in your marketplace is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value!”

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TRP recognizes Gisela (Gila) Beckermann as a top professional as a Certified Social Media Consultant & Mobile Website Designer.

“Why would you ever do anything other than provide excellent service to your clients if you are in a Customer Service related business? Create long-term business relationships with them by exceeding their expectations every single time.”

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TRP recognizes Dr. Rodney Brim as a top professional in Performance Improvement.

“When it comes to improving performance it’s important to, rewire people’s thought process, before you attempt to change behaviors, identify and remove obstacles, before you create new strategies, focus on execution and results, before you do more in-depth planning.”

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TRP recognizes Tom Dewell as a top professional in Mobile Marketing.

“Mobile websites or apps? If the goal is related to marketing or public communications, a mobile website makes the most sense. Want to build brand loyalty? Then the app will be the best choice. And apps allow push notifications – your “voice” to the customer base helping protect market share.”

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TRP recognizes Gene Altman as a top professional in Viral Marketing.

“Understanding new technology, social media and psychological triggers provide great power and unlimited marketing potential. Today, everyone has the ability to ‘Go Viral’.”

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TRP recognizes Jill Scott as a top professional in Professional Training and Consulting.

“Doing what you love every day is a real gift - helping others to improve their lives at the same time is a joy and a pleasure. Being recognized as an authority in flexible working has enabled me to help improve the work-life balance of thousands of people, which is a great feeling!”

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TRP recognizes Simeon Novels as a top professional in Reputation Marketing & Management.

"Owning a 5 star reputation is vital for any business, whether they've been around for 1 year, or 100," stated Simeon Novels, C.E.O. of Core Concept Marketing. "We help all types of businesses grow profits, including; doctors, lawyers and auto dealerships, by using our step-by-step proven systems."

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TRP recognizes Peter Weismann as a top professional in Roof Contracting.

“Peter Weismann has been providing homeowners with superior value and quality in roofing for 23 years. He is offering a free estimate and 50 year architectural shingle upgrade with purchase. Peter states that when there's no substitute for quality, count on us at Halton Hills Roofing.”

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TRP recognizes Christopher Fields as a top professional in Media Authority & Marketing Consulting.

“One of the greatest challenges businesses face is positioning themselves as an authority in their chosen field. Become an instant leader with media credentials so you're the first company your clients think of when they're making that important choice of who to do business with.”

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