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— TRP recognizes as a top professional in Traffic Generation and Online Marketing.

“Too many professionals ‘drank the Kool-Aid’ regarding their online marketing. SEO and social media have their place, but competition is bad and getting worse. And what’s your time worth? Today, the top quality, stress-free, scalable traffic is via Google Adwords and Facebook PPC marketing.”

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TRP recognizes Kim Miller-Hershon as a top professional in Business Development Coaching & Consulting.

“The single most important thing you can do to move your business and yourself to the next level of success is to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses.”

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TRP recognizes Des Edwards, author of The Ultimate Chiropractic Marketing Machine as a top professional.

“If a chiropractor is looking for the best thing that turns time into the most money possible, then s/he should focus his/her attention on marketing – especially direct response marketing.”

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TRP recognizes Cynthia J. Railsback as a top professional in Digital Marketing Strategy.

"One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs and small businesses is learning
how to interact with prospects and customers. Smart, strategic media outreach is the best first step in leveraging an individual or company's best assets and creating buzz in the marketplace."

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TRP recognizes Anthony Tran as a top professional in Internet Marketing Consulting.

“The number one problem that I see today with new online entrepreneurs is that they focus on building their products and services first without surveying their audience. My best advice for entrepreneurs who are starting-up is to build their audience first with blogs, social media, and podcasts.”

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TRP recognizes Daniel Isaiah Shalach as a top professional in Business and Personal Brand Development.

“Many desire business and personal growth. What they lack is the experience and ability to laser in on the next step. They are intimidated by social media, do not use quality content to create authority and many have no idea that living debt free is possible and valuable. I create the opportunities.”

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TRP recognizes Nanda Kondagunta as a top professional in Creativity and Innovation Coaching.

“Creativity and Innovation workshop will allow you to take your business to a whole new level and dominate your market leading to exponential business growth and helps you to create game changing products and services.”

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TRP recognizes Health Made Whole as a top professional in Wellness Coaching and Certified Health Counselor.

“We are not what we eat, but what our body absorbs. Not everything we eat is nutritionally good for us. Nutrition is simple - Eat Real Food. It is label free, it doesn't come in a package, it is not genetically modified, and it is free of toxins and chemicals. It is truly Farm to Table.”

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TRP recognizes Idris L. Talib as a top professional in Retirement Income Planning.

“Idris has been helping people maximize their retirement income for 12 years. His ability to present complex information and concepts in an easy-to-understand and simple way is part of what makes his strategies so effective. Idris has a unique perspective on what he calls the ‘Velocity of Money’.”

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TRP recognizes Tony Minock as a top professional in Marketing for Software, Technology, and IT Services Companies.

“In today’s business environment for software and technology companies, a solid marketing plan can mean the difference between explosive growth or declining sales. All of these businesses need a clear plan for targeting their ideal client and not rely referrals or sporadic marketing efforts.”

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