Business Announces Top Performers for the week of July 6, 2014 a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of July 6, 2014.

— TRP recognizes Grace Togun Olugbodi as a top professional in Nutrition and Brain Health.

“Grace has held a Master franchise-like dealership license for 8 years. She has a unique strategy on what she calls the "practicalities of keeping body and brain healthy", and links into memory programs and knowing your numbers. She also created a fun memory game to help turn players into Math whizzes.”

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TRP recognizes Eugene Richards as a top professional in Business Strategic Growth Consulting.

“The Formula for Business Success? Credibility + Marketing + Implementation. Credibility creates Trust and Authority; keys to a great Brand. Marketing and Innovation are the key activities for Results; all else is a cost. Implementing great strategies creates Customers; the key purpose of a business.”

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TRP recognizes Shea Cameron as a top professional in Life Insurance (Group Benefits).

“Employee benefits are an important driver of employee satisfaction. Well-designed plans based on desires and needs of employees can enable companies to strengthen their ability to attract and retain workers. Prospective employees even say these benefits are key in their decision to accept a job.”

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TRP recognizes Dr. Marti Harvey as a top professional in Life Coaching.

“A "Life Plan' puts YOU in the driver's seat when major distractions come your way. You know your core values and where you want to go. Your coach helps you stay focused and on track so you achieve the goals and lifestyle you're seeking with plenty of time for fun, family and freedom.”

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TRP recognizes Gino Karczewski as a top professional in Media Authority.

“Perhaps the single most important thing a business person or business owner can do to increase their perceived value to the market place is to position themselves as an authority in their industry.”

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TRP recognizes Lee Blackwoodas a top professional in Food Culture.

“The best way to learn about a place is through its food culture. Food is tradition, technique, agriculture, religion, geography, and history all rolled up into one! The pleasure and value of your travel experience will be multiplied exponentially when you get out and explore local food traditions.”

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TRP recognizes Gregory Sparks as a top professional in Reputation Marketing and
Media Authority.

“In this new economy where your reputation is your greatest asset and trust is at an all-time low, the internet and technology has made it mandatory to have a system in place to proactively collect and monitor on and offline reviews.”

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TRP recognizes Samuel I Olekanma as a top professional in Personal Development Coaching.

“I have broken all kinds of barriers artificial and created by Man and some self-imposed. I have defiled every imaginable boundaries and territory in my search for freedom. I've followed pathways created by Man and I have created my own pathways even in ocean where waves and turbulences are my refuge.”

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TRP recognizes Larry Null, Founder of Recession Proof Graduates as a top professional in Local Business Marketing.

“There is an immense need for social media managers. Our youth grew up on the Internet. Utilizing the web is second nature for them. By keeping costs down for both the training program and local businesses, this program is a victory for the entire community. Recession Proof Graduates helps everyone.”

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TRP recognizes Willie Crawford as a top professional in Joint Venture Broker Facilitator.

“In today's challenging economy, where businesses are failing left and right, primarily due to under-capitalization, and poor marketing, joint ventures often provide the perfect solution. Businesses cooperate, sharing underutilized assets and in the process increase their chances of surviving!”

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