Business Announces Top Performers for the week of August 20, 2014. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of August 20, 2014.

— TRP recognizes Shereen Thor of Awaken The Rebel as a top professional in motivational speaking and coaching.

“Shereen Thor is the founder of a movement called Awaken The Rebel that helps people ditch the status quo and live an extraordinary life by their design. She went from Stand Up Comedian (scouted by MTV & E!) to Certified Professional Coach (IPEC & NLP) & stands to be the MTV version of Tony Robbins.”

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TRP recognizes Mary Hudgens, CEO as a top professional in certified public accounting and tax services.

“Mary Hudgens, PLLC specializes in helping businesses and individuals manage their tax, accounting & financial needs. We deliver personalized service by looking beyond the obvious & beyond the beginning because we're investing in a relationship that will be long lasting and full of mutual benefits.”

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TRP recognizes Andre Santos as a top professional in social media marketing.

“Virtual business card users improve their social media engagement because a quick connection can be made while the conversation is fresh. 71% of people access social media through their mobile device and virtual business cards make that connection quick and easy.” Andre Santos,

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TRP recognizes as a top professional in real estate investing and mentoring.

"As a real estate investor for over 15 years, a mentor, author, and creator of, having multiple streams of income is advised, but financial freedom comes by increasing your perceived value by first positioning yourself as the authority in each niche you do business."

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TRP recognizes Jayne Warrilow as a top professional in executive coaching

“You’re a coach. Maybe even a great coach… but are you the BEST coach you can be? Become aware of the power and vitality that naturally emerges when you coach authentically from your core, expressing your passion and being wholly and completely yourself in everything you do.”

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TRP recognizes Smart Money Financial Group as a top professional in acquiring profitable internet businesses.

“After reviewing thousands of businesses side by side, acquiring profitable Internet-based businesses is one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate consistent cash flow. Internet-based businesses are much easier to manage, scale, and grow than traditional retail (brick and mortar) businesses”

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TRP recognizes Jacques Bernizan MBA CRMA CCSA CRISC CISA ABCP as a top professional in Managenable® Inc, a boutique firm focused on management consulting, training, and publishing..

“Risk management is increasingly popular across all sectors, yet the discipline is often poorly understood. In order to deliver value, the key is to remember that it aims at supporting the achievement of objectives, so the ongoing focus needs to be on the objectives at risk, not on technicalities.”

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TRP recognizes Calvin Coyles, author of Winning in Life and Work, as a top professional in mindset and business coaching.

“The most important factors in the success of your business are that you do what you love, you focus on being of service and the you out-hustle your competition. Young & Wildly Successful are Australia's leader in Mindset and Business coaching because we do that!”

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TRP recognizes Ian R Clayton as a top professional in tourism marketing.

“Being visible in the visual age is the getting harder for those not already on the top. As search continues to favor its own products and advertisers, every business, from local hotels to world destinations, must continually build visibility and authority to avoid getting lost in the digital maze.”

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