Public Services Announces Top Performers for January 2014 (Part 2) a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for January 2014.

— TRP recognizes Joe Parisi as a top professional in Professional Coaching.

“Joe has been doing business and personal mentoring for over 15 years. His ability to present information and concepts in an easy-to-understand and simple way is part of what makes his strategies so effective. Joe has a unique perspective on what he calls the "science of underachievement" – Charysa L.

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TRP recognizes Margaret Joffe as a top professional in Default Rate Management.

“Led an effort to reduce third year rates at Company I headed from mid thirty’s to less than 20%. 2 year CDR rates cut in half to 9%. Tremendously effective manager in a job not often receiving attention it deserves.” – Raul Valdes Pages, Entrepreneur and Education Executive.

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TRP recognizes Mark Schrader as a top professional in Systems Engineer.

His engineering background with both hands-on and R&D analytical experience, in both imaging systems and wireless technology, in Analog/Digital hardware design, software engineering, and systems modeling - seasoned with near-field magnetics, biotech, and photovoltaics; is rare and valuable. – Charysa L.

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TRP recognizes Jonathan Bretz as a top professional in Regulatory Affairs.
Jon and I have worked together on projects for a number of years. Jon gets things done - on time and right the first time. Now that he is consulting, I'm certain that clients will find Jon's thoroughness, accuracy, and time urgency a very potent combination. - Robert McKee

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TRP recognizes Robert Kurtz as a top professional as a Chief Information Officer.

“A highly motivated individual with exceptional project management skills. He is adept in dealing with virtually any environment and has successfully delivered multi-million dollar projects on time & on budget. Has a keen eye for spotting talent within an organization and how to use that talent.”- Jack Hayon, SVP CFO Educational Testing Service

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TRP recognizes Michael Lyons as a top professional in Commercial Interior Project Management.

“Michael Lyons career in North America and Europe delivers skill, vision and client perspective regarding space management, commercial procurement and technology. He delivers the tangible results, on time on budget. Space that meets the new business culture for his clients. A quantifiable asset.” Charysa L.

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TRP recognizes Paul Warkow as a top professional in Commercial Financing
" Paul has been able to locate funding sources for small businesses that others have not. Using creativity and digging into a business, Paul has enabled every type of business to grow and expand. The key is to go beyond mere numbers and understand the business and present a complete picture." – Charysa L.

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TRP recognizes Gary Davis as a top professional at VP Sales/Marketing Optical Industry

“It appears that the Optical industry is approaching commodity status-consolidation, focus on cost reduction, little product differentiation, price competition. 2014 could be a watershed year.”

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TRP recognizes John Norelli as a top professional as a Senior Global Human Resources Leader

“John is an expert in HR with strong knowledge of laws and practices in the US, EMEA and APAC. He builds strong working relationships and was a manager I could rely upon and trust. He managed a global team based in different locations, making us work together in a collaborative and respectful manner.”- Corinne H.

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