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Top Bioenergetic Therapist Publishes New Guide to Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution

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Guide provides a valuable introduction to approach that can help anyone learn more from daily life and connect with the world in more rewarding ways, Gregory Nye reports

Gregory Nye, the creator of Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution, a leading self-improvement and -actualization approach, published an important new guide at his website. Helping readers understand the benefits and mechanisms of the somatic-energetic "Pulse" approach to daily life, the new guide gives an insight into the potential of this revolutionary body of knowledge and practice. With a decades-long history helping people in the Toronto area and elsewhere live fuller, more rewarding lives, Gregory Nye has devoted himself full-time to the practice and teaching of Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution for the last twelve years.

"As organic creatures, we are connected to the world around us in fundamental, energetic ways," Nye noted, "Learning to recognize and cultivate these real, enduring connections is the surest way of living a more satisfying life. My new guide to the Pulse somatic-energetic approach to becoming more engaged with the world will therefore be rewarding reading for anyone who wants more from life."

For millennia and likely more, seekers, mystics, and others who look beyond the conventional wisdom have portrayed the world, contrary to its everyday appearance, as a place of ceaselessly fluctuating energy. From the ancient experiences of the founders of Hinduism and Buddhism to the conclusions of many modern practitioners of alternative medicine, the idea that the world is made up of energy that humans can learn to perceive directly is an enduring and compelling one.

For nearly forty years, Gregory Nye has been a leading educator and therapist, working with students and clients to help them understand how the fundamentally energetic nature of the world and their own selves impacts their experiences and potential as human beings. With an educational background at the Therafields York campus, Nye has consistently focused on the arena of daily life, thereby building up a body of knowledge and techniques termed Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution.

As explained in the brand-new guide now available at Nye's personal website, Pulse takes everyday life as a place where countless opportunities to apprehend and appreciate the energetic nature of the world already exist. Those who Follow Gregory Nye on Facebook will come to understand how what can seem like trivial, routine events are actually real opportunities for learning, with the cumulative benefit of these experiences arriving in the form of a physical body and overall being that are more capable of thriving and excelling in the world.

Although the new guide serves as a highly capable introduction to Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution, it can only be a first step for those interested in what the approach has to offer. Those looking to learn more can keep up on Facebook, Follow Gregory Nye on LinkedIn, or stay tuned to Nye's website for further updates.

About Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution:
Turning the events and sensations of everyday experiences into opportunities for learning, Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution helps people from all walks of life connect with the world in more productive ways, producing stronger, more engaged bodies and beings.

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Name: Gregory Nye
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Organization: Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution
Phone: 416-538-7311

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