Toilet Deodorizer For Men Odor-Free Bathroom Products Improved by Science

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A newly improved toilet deodorizer range has been launched by Turdcules. They strive to offer men a fresh scent for the bathroom that is based on effective scientific principles.

Turdcules Toilet Elixirs range of bathroom deodorizers has been improved with the magic of science. Based in Cookeville, TN, they pride themselves on offering results-backed and effective air freshener solutions for any bathroom. These toilet deodorizers now molecularly bond with nitrogen and sulfur molecules (the elements that make your poop stink), and eliminate the orders instead of just covering them up.

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The newly improved product range is designed to provide an alternative to traditional flower-based bathroom scents. These have been created for men, but are strong enough for women to use as well.

Options include LogSplitter, Turdally Awesome, Tennessee Hangover, Turdpedo, Sasquat, Pooseidon, and more.

Customers can browse the full range on the Turdcules online store to find the option that’s right for them. The eye-catching and bold product designs make the scents well suited to both individual purchases and as gifts.

The newly improved toilet elixirs are designed to be used before the customer goes to the toilet. Customers just have to shake the product before use, spray into the toilet bowl, and enjoy a fresh odor that eliminates foul smells.

Turdcules explains that one of the issues that many men around the country have with bathroom deodorizers is their flowery scent. It’s for this reason that they created their unique batch of more appealing scents.

A free gift box is provided with every bottle of spray ordered online. Each bottle provides customers with over 100 uses, and because they are septic safe, they can be used freely in boats and RVs.

Using deodorizers in the bathroom is important for both personal wellness and the comfort of guests. Air freshener products provide people with a more positive experience when they use the bathroom.

A recent customer said: “This was no lie, it works. Perfect for office life, dorm life and home life. I’ve already ordered another bottle.”

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