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While other fan monetization platforms charge more, TipSnaps keeps a small 15% and passes the rest to the creators, that’s right 85% payouts.

— August 3, 2020 – With the advent of TipSnaps, the safest and classiest way for influencers to monetize their fanbase, the world has got the platform they wanted – a way to leverage personal brands to set up revenue streams without any worries, especially with scammers or tax related stuff! This and more features allow TipSnaps to score over the early entrants like OnlyFans.

The concept of personal brand monetization isn’t new, but TipSnaps is the easiest, most efficient and better way to do it than any other clumsy, scam ridden service. Simply put, fans and followers pay a little amount to their favorite personality, media figure or celebrity to uncover never seen before content and media that they long to see. This is the new personal brand monetization economy (PBME).

On TipSnaps, media stars, industry celebrities, adult stars, Instagram models, chefs, or fitness trainers, literally anyone with a following, can directly monetize their audience without the use of ads or product placements. This is the age to cash in on one’s talent, behind the scenes shots, creativity or just a base of fans hungry for more and earn a consistent income.

All PBME platforms aren’t however created equal, and TipSnaps is here to remind everyone this basic truth. To begin with, it is more secure, so no fear of hacks or leaks. This carries huge importance for anyone who wants to be free to upload anything they want to. If someone tries to screenshot your private content, the screen turns black!

Another good thing with TipSnaps is that their management actually cares about both age and tax verification. With other platforms, the tax man could soon turn up knocking on the doors, but not with TipSnaps. They take their time to train each creator how to file taxes, no fees charged. There aren’t any catfish or unverified accounts either to scare and cheat users.

Now for the bottomline. While other fan monetization platforms charge more, TipSnaps keeps a small 15% and passes the rest to the creators, that’s right 85% payouts.

“Today it’s all about promoting your own brand on social media, and making money on YOUR terms. Using TipSnaps you can do that, without having to brand yourself as an adult star or stripper like users on Onlyfans,” says a spokesperson for TipSnaps.

The outcome of these differentiators is reflected in the results. In a short duration, TipSnaps has over 400K registered users! Thousands of creators today are making their money without worries of being hacked, cheated, scammed or put under the IRS tax crosshairs.

TipSnaps also offers better features, such as the Tip Pools. This is where Subscribers pool money together to offer to a single creator. This can be huge for those who want to crowdfund their next big creation or project.

Among the content categories, TipSnaps supports Instagram and Snapchat models, sports and fitness, podcasts, music, visual art, photography, comics and even the sciences. The platform is classier than OnlyFans (while its allowed, nudes are not the only thing you can post on TipSnaps). Unlike at OnlyFans, no one needs to be an adult star to post here. Users can post on their terms, and their content remains 100% their property.

Also coming soon is TipSnaps University, where users can learn how to optimize their business and income with video courses on promotion, photography & filming video, marketing your brand, filing taxes, and so on.

What makes TipSnaps a great monetization tool for influencers? At a glance:

-Transparent, flat 15% fee
-Better features like Tip Pools
-Classier for creators, although its allowed, adult content is not required like some platforms – you can sell content today, but still get married or get a job tomorrow
-Publish videos, images, audio and more
-Better Training, TipSnaps University and training on how to file taxes on your earnings

TipSnaps takes great care of its users. The platform will follow up on declined payments, and protect users from chargebacks. The team is constantly on the lookout for any cheating or fraud, and is available to answer all questions.
About is a social media marketplace where social media celebrities/icons(Makers) can share and sell exclusive content to their Loyal followers(Tippers). For more information, please visit:

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