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Thietbinhabeproyal Receives Best Kitchen Equipment and Accessory Selling Award

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Royal Kitchen receives accolades and award for selling the highest number of best kitchen equipment and accessory in Vietnam.

Thiet Bi Nha Bep Royal becomes Vietnam’s number one kitchen equipment and accessory selling organization. This prestigious award was received by them at the beginning of this year. The company is quite confident that its sales will be the highest in 2019 also. The company is enjoying this ideal success which they were hoping to get after having a massive sale of their product, especially in the third quarter. They are proud of this achievement but thinks this is just the beginning.

This company sells products such as microwave, dishwasher, sink, dish dryer and more. Their premium quality product works the best and offers people guarantee of durability of these. Along with a reasonable price their customers receive items which are of the highest quality. Their manuals and after sales service made them more popular among the people of Vietnam.

One of the board members remarked, "There are other companies and then there is Royal Kitchen. We do business to make a profit. However, our primary concern is offering our customers products and services that will make them come back to us for more. We think of our clientele more than us and hence, we are able to provide such quality products and services that have taken us to the top of this business."

According to the people of this organization, this award is just the beginning of their hard work’s recognition. More will come in the following days. They will soon expand their operations and will become Vietnam’s go-to store for kitchen equipment, accessories and more.

Apart from the kitchen products, is also offering their clients various high-quality household appliances such as vacuum cleaner, water purifier, air conditioner, heater, steam purifier and more. They want to dominate in this field and by the products and services they are offering now, there is no doubt they will leave all of their competitions behind.

Also, they have launched their services of providing accessories such as dishwashing powder, glossy solution, dishwashing salt, etc. Their motivation to becoming the go-to people for these products might become true through ways of moving ahead.

The sales department head mentioned, "It is easy for us to sell these items. When a team offers the best products in the market selling them becomes quite an easy task. Such remarkable goods and services, it practically sells on its own. I'm proud to be a part of this esteemed organization.”

According to company reports, the sales will increase even more this year. How much this becomes a reality everyone will have to wait and watch. For now, their clientele proves their claim of selling more products this year.

About the company:

Thiet Bi Nha Bep Royal is an organization that specializes in offering kitchen equipment and accessories to people in Vietnam. Their after sales services along with premium quality products makes them one of the best companies in Vietnam. Recently they received an award for selling the highest number of kitchen equipment and accessory units in this country.

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