The Value of Getting in on the Ground Floor with a Good Franchise

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Getting into the food franchise industry has its pros and cons, but for the right person it can be highly rewarding. It's always smart to complete the necessary due diligence.

It takes a certain type of person to get into the food service industry, and buying a franchise is a good way to get into it with relatively low risk.

Getting into a franchise has many benefits, but there’s a few things a potential franchisee must consider before taking the plunge.

The first thing to consider is what franchise to purchase. There’s a couple of different things to consider here, as different franchises have different costs, but also the buyer must consider the demand in the area. If an area has several coffee shops, or several burger joints, then perhaps opening yet another isn’t the best idea. An oversaturated market will eat into profit margins and act as a barrier to the business succeeding.

The best food franchises are those that bring something new, but still familiar to the area. Doing research into what people wish was in the area will give the buyer valuable insight when it comes to purchasing the franchise license. Bringing in something new is exciting for customers, and brand loyalty is nothing to sneeze at.

Different franchises cost different amounts to buy, as well as have different fees to pay to the franchisor. So on top of having the necessary capital to get the franchise going, the franchisee is going to have to toe the company line with virtually everything, from the menu to the decor.

RAMMP, the parent company of the Mr Mikes Steakhouse Casual franchise, works with the franchisees to ensure success in the chosen market. They have developed a brand that encourages customers to relax and enjoy their signature dishes, which explains how they’ve become one of the best food franchises in Canada.

Another thing to consider is the lifestyle of a franchise owner – franchisees have to be able to do everything for the business, from handling the books to scrubbing the toilets. It’s working long hours to ensure everything is running smoothly, but once everything is in place, from the staff to the advertising, it can also be a rewarding venture.

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