The Truth Behind The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal in Lexington, KY

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Lexington Kentucky's premier laser tattoo removal clinic wants their clients to know when it comes to the cost laser tattoo removal you get what you pay for.

Lexington, KY– Inkundu Laser Tattoo Removal answers the question, “what is the cost of tattoo removal?”

The premier laser tattoo removal clinic located in Lexington, KY, focuses on providing highly effective treatments with reasonable pricing and they want their clients to know, what is behind the cost of laser tattoo removal.

“The cost of removing a tattoo can depend on many different factors including the size of tattoo and ink density’, says Starr Kramer, Inkundu’s certified laser technician.

Star continues… “where most laser tattoo removal clinics charge a one size fits all pricing, we are more flexible and offer 4 different sizing options; micro, small, medium, and large.” Inkundu laser tattoo removal also offers discounts to individuals with multiple tattoos being removed at the same time. Micro tattoos are less than 1 square inch, small tattoos are approximately 4 sq. inches or less, a medium tattoo is 16 sq inches, a large tattoo is 36 sq inches. Any tattoo larger than 36 sq inches is custom priced per session.

The company believes when it comes to tattoos and tattoo removal, you get what you pay for and feels their work speaks for themselves. According to Dr. Kramer of Inkundu- Lexington, KY, “The type of machine being used as well as the education and training of the technicians all go into the cost of tattoo removal.” He adds, “we only use the best laser tattoo removal machines and require our technicians to be thoroughly trained and certified.” Indundu also wants you to know laser tattoo removal is a gradual process and requires treatment sessions to be spaced every 4-6 weeks. Inkundū is owned and operated by Board Certified Medical Doctors, Inkundu’s MD’s are involved in every step of client care. The company’s in-house Medical Doctors want you to beware of other tattoo removal businesses that are operated by technicians and business owners who are not medical doctors.

Inkundu- Lexington, KY is now offering discounts on the cost of tattoo removal for first responders, as well as active and retired military. Inkudu also offers discounts for client referrals, to find out more about the cost of tattoo removal in Lexington, KY visit the frequently asked questions

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