The Truth Behind The Brand Name “Fair & White”

Throughout its life the brand Fair & White has suffered from the choice of words making up the brand name. There are various “black is beautiful” lobbyists that have created a stigma around the brand.

— Throughout its life the brand Fair & White has suffered from the choice of words making up the brand name. There are various “black is beautiful” lobbyists that have created a stigma around the brand accusing it of having an underlying political or negative agenda. Some have even accused it of being discriminating to Africans.

Fair & White has struggled with this issue, particularly because of its philosophy and the truth behind their products. They’ve been specifically designed for benefiting people of color, or with dark complexion.

F&W stands strongly behind the fact that people are entitled to do as they please with their skin, hair or anything that is on their own body. The difference is that Fair & White cares. F&W strives on the fact that it produces and markets quality products formulated with the utmost care and attention allowing the consumer to have a brighter, more even skin tone without damaging their skin when used properly.

Just like any other over the counter product, F&W products have regimens. The usage and recommendation methods have to be adhered to properly. The company’s main focus is on educating consumers on the usage and the necessity to include a wide spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin, during and after treatments.

F&W notes that many critics focus on the choice of name Fair & White. Here is the history behind the choice of name: Back in 1995, during a dinner in Bordeaux France hosted by the Franco Indian Chamber of Commerce, the wife of a notable Indian Diplomat suggested to the founder of F&W to design a skincare line and name it Fair and White. As it turns out, the brand’s name has nothing to do with the color of people’s skin. They were the names of the diplomats friends; Mr. George Fair & Mr. William White. In fact, one of the two gentlemen in question happens to be Afro American.

The founder of the Fair and White brand, a French pharmacist from the Bordeaux region, is married to a lady from Senegal West Africa. Inspired by his wife and the mother of his first child he formulated the eponymous Fair and White skincare line with the utmost care and attention.

Fair & White does not “bleach”, here is how it works: Brown skin contains melanin (dark pigment) and is more vulnerable to irritation. “Melanocytes” (cells that make melanin) are located in the upper layers of the skin which tend to become more reactive in darker skin. When skin has irritation from excess sun exposure, acne, ingrown hairs, poor laser treatments or burns, more melanin rises to the surface of the skin, resulting in dark spots. This is called hyperpigmentation. This condition can last for months; hence, the use of skin lighteners. Skin lighteners block the formation of this pigment and stop the pigment from being produced. These lightening/brightening products do not “bleach” the skin. New healthy cells move to the surface of the skin and even the skin tone, promoting a glowing youthful complexion.

F&W uses many natural pigment reducers such as Vitamin C, A and B3 (Niacin). Other herbs also work like Emblica and Licorice extract as well as fruit acids like AHA’S known as Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. All of these safely help improve the skin's appearance without harmful side effects.

Sometimes Fair & White uses ingredients that are regulated such as Hydroquinone. They’re used in order to treat discoloration caused by Hyper-pigmentation. Hydroquinone is permitted in the USA, Nigeria and Ghana where F&W markets this formulation in compliance with local regulations. F&W supplies hydroquinone-free formulations in the EU and markets that don’t permit the use of the regulated Hydroquinone. F&W never uses corticosteroids or banned substances in its formulations.

Fair & White products are always registered with the necessary authorities and achieve compliance prior to their distribution in all markets.

F&W organizes several functions with a view to spread its message. For example, with the F&W Gold Ultimate Beauty Pageant held in Ghana, they hoped to communicate the following message:

Skin brightening and rejuvenating treatment is an individual’s choice and should be respected by others. If anyone do choose to take part in this process, use the products safely by following exact instructions. (Don’t mix and match creating own concoctions). Most importantly, users must use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (UVA & UVB) protection daily. This will help to maintain and protect users even skin tone.

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