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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / The ProZone Launches Revolutionary New Golf Swing Training Aid That Offers Instant Improvement

The ProZone Launches Revolutionary New Golf Swing Training Aid That Offers Instant Improvement

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The ProZone is a unique new golf swing training aid designed to help people overcome their swing faults and engrain the proper golf swing in record time.

— The ProZone is an exciting new development in the field of swing development and golf training created by Buck Mayers and Mark Gray in the summer of 2015. Now released for the first time on general sale, it is designed to help players practice while hitting balls, to master the feel and proper sequence of a golf swing while in practical application.

The ProZone Golf Swing Trainer aims to correct no fewer than eight fundamental swing flaws most commonly observed in golfers. Golfers often exhibit multiple flaws simultaneously when starting out, while the most experienced still cling to one fault even as their handicap plummets.

The golf swing training aid aims to address the tendency to pull it, hook it, hit it on the toe, hit it heavy or fat, push it, slice it, hit it on the heel or hitting it thin. This happens because individuals present an open clubface or close the clubface at impact, swing out to in or in to out, demonstrate poor distance and direction control, or hit the ball toward toe or heel of the golf club.

The ProZone has been designed to fix all of these swing flaws. It helps golfers feel the proper impact position of the golf club. Through manual tactical response feedback from the machine, the golfer learns and reinforces what it feels like when they are in sequence, and identifies quickly when they are out of sequence.

A spokesperson for The ProZone explained, “This new product is going to change the way golfers practice, and will help golfers of all levels. The ProZone is designed to help golfers improve while hitting golf balls, and we eliminate the theory of the proper swing. You actually “feel” the proper golf swing. We have an extensive video collection of students using the machine with one of golf top instructors Buck Mayers so individuals can see how to correct their current swing flaws. The website is now taking orders from the general public as well as golf instructors.”

About The ProZone: The ProZone is a brand new golf swing training aid co-created by Buck Mayers and Mark Gray. Buck Mayers is a professional golf trainer, the Director of Instruction at ESCONDIDO GOLF and LAKE CLUB, with 26 years of coaching experience and over 25,000 lessons delivered. He was voted one of Americas Top Instructors by Golf Magazine and a nominee Nominee for The Harvey Penick Teacher of The Year Award.

Contact Info:
Name: Mark Gray
Organization: The ProZone
Phone: (515) 639-0879

Source URL:

For more information, please visit

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