The Law Offices of Patrick L Hancock Expands Its Free Legal Online Resource Center

06 January, 2015

Being accused of committing a crime is a harrowing experience for most people, and they are left reeling by the charges and often don’t know what to do next. Fortunately the American criminal justice system demands that any accused individual has the right to defense by representation. The Law Offices of Patrick L Hancock defends criminal cases such as drug offences, sex offences, white collar crime, driving offences and more. They have just updated their online resource center to include detailed information on the process of various sex offences so those accused will know what they’re facing.

The San Antonio criminal attorney’s online resource center previously had detailed information on criminal law tools used by both the prosecution and defense to help people set their expectations for their experience in court. The catalog was then expanded into information on how specific drug charges and processes were undertaken.

The latest expansion has been to detail information pertaining to sex offences, so that individuals can understand both the consequences of such charges and the processes, helping lift the fear of the unknown and empower people to take action in their own defense, as is their right.

A spokesperson for Patrick Hancock, Criminal Defense Lawyer explained, “We understand that being charged with something as serious as sexual assault, drug possession or even white collar crime can be a daunting and distressing experience. As such, we aim to demonstrate rather than simply assert our expertise by providing a helpful online resource center that helps people understand the basics of key charges that may be brought against them. Our latest expansion has been to explain key sex offences, and we plan to expand into white collar crime and driving offences later this year.”

About The Law Offices of Patrick L Hancock: The Law Offices of Patrick L Hancock help those who have been wrongly accused of criminal offenses in San Antonio, Tx. Patrick Hancock defends cases such as sexual assault, drug possession, DUI, and white collar crimes. For a free case review, clients can call the offices and talk with the dedicated legal team any day.

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