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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / The Exploding Popularity of Upcycling & Why You Should Care

The Exploding Popularity of Upcycling & Why You Should Care

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According to Statista, a total of 21 percent of US adult respondents stated that they regularly upcycled used materials. Upcycling has quickly become a new popular concept of recycling and it isn't slowing down anytime soon.

— There is a new rising popularity in town, and that is the art of upcycling. Upcycling is known as the art of taking what’s unwanted or discarded and reusing it in a way that wasn’t originally intended, essentially injecting life into an unwanted item.

The concept of upcycling isn’t anything new. As early as the 1940s saw many people reusing discarded household items and transforming them into resourceful items. Many families would endorse upcycling as a best family practice mainly due to the fact that materials were scarce at the time.

Fast forward many decades and the concept of upcycling is now replanting its roots in modern culture. With many large cities all around the world witnessing an abundance of material goods, the art of upcycling has never become more important.

Many local community initiatives and local businesses have acknowledged the importance of both recycling and upcycling. Local businesses have incorporated best recycling practices into their business models and thrived as a result. Additionally, many businesses have also taken it upon themselves to endorse and encourage the concept of upcycling.

Paul, the founder of a leading rubbish removal company in Sydney has said "Being in the rubbish removal industry, we've personally witnessed the rise in popularity of upcycling in the past decade. We believe that we're now seeing a more creative spin on recycling, and that is upcycling. Not only are we huge supporters of safe recycling, we've also trained and encouraged our teams to endorse upcycling when meeting our customers. Most customers who previously didn't know about upcycling have shown huge appreciation for the idea, with most returning customers telling us how they had begun to creatively upcycle unwanted household items."

Paul continued by saying “It all starts with the smallest things in the household. We always support upcycling as a family-friendly activity. Get the kids involved and ask them for their ideas on what to upcycle next. We love seeing kids come up with creative upcycling ideas and this concept really teaches them to be environmentally-aware of their impact on the Earth. Recycling and upcycling are both crucially important to sustainable living. We’re massive supporters of a healthy, green and sustainable Earth.”

Contact Info:
Name: Paul
Organization: Paul's Rubbish Removal
Address: Suite 205, 377 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 0407 125 125

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