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— was launched in December, 2013. The Webmaster and founder of the site found that while there is a great deal of information about rifle scope optics, rifles, firearms and how to become a better shooter, much of it was incomplete or inaccurate. Upon learning the need to give people correct and detailed information so they can make the smartest buying decisions, the editorial staff set the objective for the website and it has quickly become the preferred first stop for shooters to gain the knowledge they need.

On the home page of are reviews of the best rifle scopes accompanied by an interactive chart for marksmen and markswomen to be able to quickly and conveniently look up detailed and accurate information they need in order to make the best choices for their personal shooting goals. Along with offering the best rifle scope reviews and information, this website has a wealth of information that provides firearms enthusiasts the integral information they need for all of their shooting needs. This includes competitive shooting and hunting information alike. They have also broken out the details on the best AR-15 scopes on this page here, and Mosin Nagant scopes on this page as well.

The interactive chart on the home page includes a variety of the top name brand scopes with a click-able image to learn more about each scope. The chart also highlights the magnification or power of each scope, the recommended rifle, rating and price for each. This allows shooters to immediately learn all about the different types of scopes in order to choose the perfect scoop for his or her use.

As the go-to expert in reviewing the best AR 15 Optics, also offers a wealth of shooting tips and advice for the novice through to the most advanced shooters. There are also firearms and 2nd Amendment Rights Support and a variety of other resources that shooters need to improve their shooting and learn about the latest products and more.

About Site Created by a Firearms Enthusiast, along with the team of avid marksmen and markswomen which offer the most detailed and accurate information including reviews about best rifle scope optics information , how to become a better marksman/markswoman and other information in regard to rifles, firearms and accessories. Their mission is to review the best rifle scopes on the market and give people the information they need to make smart buying decisions. Their promotional is video also provided below.

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