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The Andrew Robot Alleviates Scientists Need for Manual Pipetting

Andrew is a novel liquid handler that helps scientists avoid manual pipetting.

— Scientists and technicians in diagnostics and life science laboratories are finding that Andrew, the new liquid handling robot, saves a significant amount of time and helps to avoid painful operations that have a risk of inducing musculoskeletal disorders. It can be installed on a normal bench, in a hood and even in a refrigerator depending on where it is needed to assist scientists and technicians with their operations. The Andrew software, known as Andrew Assistant, is a free program that doesn't require any specialized training. It has a variety of uses such as improving manual pipetting protocols for those users that don’t own one Andrew yet.

Andrew and Andrew Assistant are not designed for automation experts. Rather, this robotic companion is thought for biologists and scientists without any automation training in order to perform manual pipetting without painful and inaccurate hours of work at the bench. With Andrew, reproducibility of data is improved and time is saved, not to speak of the possibility of avoiding health issues since it runs totally unattended.

Comments by those who utilize Andrew in their operations include, "Using Andrew one hour per day, amortizes the purchase in less than a year." Another user comments, "The easiest software I've ever used in the lab."

Andrew weighs in at just 10 kg and has a footprint smaller than a sheet of paper. As the first portable liquid handling robot in the world, it easily integrates into the lab in a variety of configurations. The free protocol design software – called Andrew Assistant - allows anybody to define a liquid handling protocol in a breeze. It calculates all concentrations automatically at any protocol steps in order to allow serial dilutions within just a few clicks. This award winning robot and accompanying software will become a staple in the most life science labs and across the industry.

About Andrew Alliance:
Andrew Alliance S.A. - a Swiss company based in Geneva - is proud to announce the Andrew pipetting robot. This novel liquid handler facilitates quantitative pipetting procedures and integrates easily in the existing laboratory workflow. Andrew removes the possibility for mistakes by adding reproducibility and accuracy to liquid handling, and it does so by exploiting standard manual pipettes. This new system was awarded “New Product of the Year” by the Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening, SLAS, the “New Product Innovation Award” by MIPTEC, the leading European event for drug discovery, and the “Industrial Design Award” from the Industrial Business Outlook (SDI International).

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Name: Piero Zucchelli
Organization: Andrew Alliance
Address: 17 rue des Pierres du Niton, 1217 Geneva (Switzerland)

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