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— As much as we'd like to think we have enough money in savings to cover an emergency, most of us just don't have a magic 8 ball to help us out. There are a number of times when extra money is not only a desire, but a true necessity. So, what's a person to do when the money is needed, but there's just no handout in sight? A personal loan could be the answer.

No, we're not talking about borrowing from family members. In fact, that's strongly discouraged. Often times, family members feel that if they loan you money, they have a stake in how you run your life or what you should be spending your money on. Instead, applying for a small personal loan is the better option from a third party. You can use the money for any number of reasons.

So, when we say personal loan, what exactly are we talking about?

The type of personal loan we're talking about here is an unsecured version, the type where you don't have to put any property or collateral up for the money. They can come in handy for quite a few situations.


The costs that quickly mound up when moving are amazing. From ordering pizza and drinks for all the helpers to hiring movers to haul your items across country, you're always in need of cash. A small loan could be just what you need to tide you over until life is back to normal again.


While it would be nice if Mom and Dad could provide all the money needed for a wedding, that's just not typically the case anymore, especially with so many 2nd, 3rd and 4th wedding situations occurring. So, with that in mind, couples often turn to a personal loan to pay off the photographer, caterer or for an elopement to Las Vegas!


No one can plan when a death will happen and as such, funds are not always readily available to provide the kind of service the family wants. And, if no life insurance policy was in place, a personal loan could be the least stressful way to handle the situation.


When you have tons of credit card bills coming in from all over, it's a good idea to take out a loan to pay some of them off for good. Additionally, a personal loan is often better for the credit score than a ton of high limit credit cards that are practically maxed out. The key here is not to max the cards out again once they're paid off. For those who've started avoiding collectors, a loan for bad credit could be the saving grace you've been looking for.


When the house is on the line, don't hesitate to get a loan. The last thing you want is to be out on the street with your belongings and family. Get a loan, and repay it in small increments to avoid being evicted and to keep the balance from being due on top of your next month's rent.


Sometimes, a great deal comes along for a vacation, airfare or a cruise. However, it's also likely the promoters didn't check with your bank account before advertising. To avoid losing out on a fantastic opportunity, a small personal loan could get you the vacation you've needed for a while!

Whether you need a few hundred dollars or $1500, it never hurts to apply for a loan to cover you for a while. It can even help your credit score down the road. Don't think about it too long and too hard, as inaction in itself is an action. Apply for a loan, get the money, take care of business and pay it back. It's really quite simple.

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