Tattooing With Cremation Ashes Now Reinvented With Engrave Ink

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Engrave Ink is a tattoo formula company that specializes in high quality inks with the cremated ashes of loved ones for use in commemorative tattoos. Their inks are safe, sterile, and have a better consistency than other ink-ash mixtures.

Boulder, CO – Engrave Ink, a tattoo ink manufacturer in Boulder, is helping people deal with loss in a unique way. They offer superior quality tattoo inks made with cremated ashes of their clients’ loved ones.

Engrave Ink knows facing the loss of a loved one is never easy. People try to cope with grief as best they can, and this process is different for everybody. A lot of people choose to honor the memory of their loved one with a tattoo. Because of Engrave Ink, many are now electing to incorporate the cremated ash of a loved one with their tattoo.

Unfortunately, most tattoo inks are not formulated to work with ashes. Adding them can cause inks to run or clump up, often resulting in a blurry or messy tattoo. There are also sanitary concerns – most tattoo shops use a machine called an autoclave to sterilize their equipment, which will not work to sterilize ashes.

Now, Engrave Ink offers a formula that addresses these shortcomings. Their high quality inks are sterile and safe to use. They don’t have the same consistency problems that other ink-ash mixtures would. Caring for a tattoo made with Engrave Ink is exactly the same process as a regular tattoo. For people who want to use cremated ashes in their tattoos, Engrave Ink products are the best and safest option.

Engrave Ink offers inks in black and white. They also offer a combo pack of both colors. Inks can be made from the cremated remains of both humans and animals, giving more options to those who wish to commemorate their loved ones with a tattoo. Engrave Ink uses a highly detailed internal process to ensure the proper and respectful handling of the ashes once they are received. The ink can be expected to arrive 6 to 8 weeks after the order is placed.

Through their safe and quality-consistent inks, Engrave Ink is helping people remember and celebrate the life of their loved ones with commemorative tattoos their clients will honor forever. For many, this is the first step to healing. For Engrave Ink, this is simply making a difference.

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