Tape University Publishes Post on How to Judge Quality Duct Tape

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Tape University has published a post on their website dissecting the various measurements used to determine the strength of a roll of duct tape. Visit their website to read the full article.

Tape University, a leading online educational resource for everything related to tape, has recently published a new post on their website discussing how to choose the right type of duct tape based on the job at hand.

To read the entire duct tape post, visit the Tape University website here: https://www.tapeuniversity.com/2019/04/dont-judge-duct-tape-by-its-cover-alone/

Duct tape is measured and tested in a variety of ways, and it is important to understand these to accurately select the correct type of duct tape. As the post on the Tape University website mentions, here are the common performance characteristics that are used to measure and test duct tape:

• Thickness (or gauge)

• Adhesion to Steel (ATS)

• Tensile

• Shear

• Tack

• Elongation

• Adhesion to Backing

• Clean Removal

It is a common thought that the thickness/gauge of a roll of duct tape reflects the overall strength of the tape. While this is undoubtedly a contributing factor, there are also other features of duct tape that play a roll, including the adhesion of the tape.

The adhesion of duct tape, such as the tape’s Adhesion to Steel (ATS), is a measurement recorded in ounces per inch. This measurement is an assessment of the amount of strength necessary to remove the duct tape after it has been applied. The higher the number of the measurement, the more force that is required to remove the tape. It is important to note that the Adhesion to Steel of a roll of duct tape is not indicative of the tape’s adhesion to other surfaces.

The other measurements displayed above can be read about in detail in the post on the Tape University website. Follow the link above or go to the Tape University website and search for the title of the post, “Don’t judge duct tape by its cover alone.”

Tape University is an online educational resource put together by Shurtape Technologies, LLC. Shurtape’s entire duct tape portfolio can be viewed on their website.

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