Tampa Fishing Charters Captain Mike Murphy Delivers the Fish and the Experience

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Captain Mike Murphy of Fish This Inshore Charters provides expert Tampa Fishing Charters. Ecologist and Syndicated author of the Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Report, Capt Murphy has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and has been a featured speaker at Florida area outdoor expos.

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Captain Mike Murphy really delivers a 5-star fishing and charter experience on and around the waters of Tampa Bay Florida.

Captain Mike Murphy of Fish This Inshore Charters provides expert Tampa Bay Fishing Charters. Ecologist and Syndicated author of the Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Report, Capt Mike Murphy has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and has also been a featured speaker at Central Florida area outdoor expos. If you are looking for an expert Tampa Fishing Charters captain, Fish This!

The heat of summer has arrived and the summer showers have followed in and around Tampa Bay – from Apollo Beach south past Cockroach Bay and Bishops Harbor and out past the Skyway Bridge. Lots of rain in Tampa Bay over the last couple weeks has really muddied up the water with the tannins from detritus being washed down the watershed. Along with the darker water, some areas have lowered salinity and minimal dissolved oxygen for survival of many fish. This is the science behind the fishing charter that Capt. Mike Murphy brings to his Tampa fishing charters with his successful career in Ecology now behind him. If a 5-star Tampa fishing trip is what you are looking for, look no further!

The areas that exhibit this event of lower salinity are primarily the rivers and tributaries that feed into Tampa Bay, along with some backwater mangrove holes. The areas will still hold your target fish, especially redfish, that can tolerate these low salinity levels and reduced oxygen. The problem for the angler is the bait issue. Pinfish will be the bait of choice to target these snook and redfish back in the holes. These pinfish can tolerate the same conditions as the target species in these areas. Along with the redfish and snook, tarpon also will follow back in these areas as well. As the summer prevails, fresh cut ladyfish will be the go to bait for your larger snook and redfish as they will begin to get a bit lazy and be reluctant to chase those baits during the day. Catch some fresh ladyfish or larger pinfish and chunk them up or “butterfly” them for best results. Keep in mind that redfish and snook can be very scent driven species during forage.

Tarpon have almost ended the migration and will begin to hold in the Summer haunts. They will continue to eat cut threadfins in a chum slick, along with live half-dollar sized pinfish. The key to the tarpon is finding the “golden hour” that these fish are actively feeding. These time may be lunar/tidal driven or solar driven but patterning these fish in Tampa Bay will be key to your success in landing the Silver King. The waning hours of the daylight appear to be the target times in Tampa bay at this moment.

Follow the clearer waters for your trout limits in minimal time in the Bay. The trout spawn is almost over but many larger female trout have been caught on a regular basis on greenbacks and several artificial baits. Trout are in the family of red and black drum and like the drum, you can tell the males by the audible drumming or grunting. Remember the limits and try and leave the larger ladies in the bay to help repopulate the next seasons fishing harvest.

Mangrove snapper have arrived in the bay. Be sure to bring lots of chum baits to get the bite rolling. You will see that mango cloud rise off the bottom with the bait. Just freeline a bait into the chum slick and reap the rewards of summer snapper. You can afford to upsize your leader now with the summer algae blooms creating a little bit of turbidity in the bay. 25# to 30# test line is what many guides have changed to using. Not only for the bigger snook, reds and snapper, but the Spanish mackerel will really drive you back to the tackle store more frequently for more hooks with the lighter leaders.

If you’re looking for a 5-star experience on the waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf Coast, Capt. Mike Murphy is a hit with his clients. Feel free to read our client reviews here and of course book early! Capt. Mike Murphy is busy and usually books out at least one week and sometimes as much as 4-6 weeks in advance depending on the season and weather. Capt. Mike Murphy can be reached by phone at (813) 459-2521.

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