Talking About Sexual Harassment with Tween and Teens during a “Me Too” Movement.

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On Sunday 01/27/19, will share an in-depth feature entitled, "How to Talk About Sexual Harassment with Tweens and Teens" offering 6 tips on distinguishing real vs. fake media.

On Sunday January 27th, 2019 Grandparentslink is presenting an article by Common Sense Media.

“Groping. Grabbing. Lewd talk. These are not words any parent or grandparent wants their kids to associate with sex. But tweens and teens are getting an earful — and not from the 6 o’clock news where you know what they’re seeing and hearing. Instead they head to their phones and devices to check YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other online news outlets. For kids, memes, viral videos, late-night talk shows, and even user’s comments on stories are news. If you have grandtweens and grandteens, you know that the fastest way to get them to clam up is to question where they’re getting their information … or talk about sex,” comments Caroline Knorr, parenting editor at Common Sense Media.

This very subject in this day and age is an already enormous and growing concern for just parents but grandparents and the entire family unit. The extent of these grandchildren’s exposure on social media and through the information highway via technology is mind boggling. No doubt we all have a responsibility to see that our children, our grandchildren, and this next generation is given all the best possible resources to receive good truthful information on subjects such as sex and harassment, but even more importantly that they get the real news, the real story and have the right access to what is real media as opposed to fake news.

As grandparents and founders of, Leslie Zinberg and Kay Ziplow collectively believe and know that communication is a key element in having important discussions when called upon by the grandchildren. “A grandparent should know how to speak to their grandchildren if and when they are so approached with sensitive subjects, such as sex or sexual harassment,” says Kay Ziplow. “First and foremost, a grandparent needs to make sure that it’s 100% okay to engage in this conversation and that they have a parent’s full blessing before they just step in.”

Given that many grandparents find themselves with “alone” time and special relationships of privacy with their teen and tween grandchildren, assuming the conversation is okay, better be approved by the parents. Respecting the dynamics of a parent-child relationship is first and foremost in order to avoid family conflict. Leslie Zinberg, makes an important statement when she says, “Be sure to stay current. Read books, magazines, the internet, and find articles with varying opinions, so you are educated about sensitive topics. And remember that listening is key when your grandchildren are talking with you.”

On Sunday January 27th, 2019, will be featuring an in-depth special feature article by Common Sense Media. entitled, How to Talk About Sexual Harassment with Tweens and Teens – something every grandparent needs to read.

How to Talk About Sexual Harassment with Tweens and Teens offers 6 useful tips about how to distinguish real media vs. fake media, and how parents and grandparents can redirect kids to find the right information. Such tips include:

· Ask questions and listen

· Compare apps, site and TV shows

· Read user commentary

· Talk about objectivity and bias in news

· Talk about consent is a unique online platform that speaks to you as individuals about ‘real’ grandparenting issues as well as delivering great resources, human interest pieces and enlightening in-depth information that is relevant for both grandchildren AND grandparents. In addition to expert advice from professionals in a variety of fields such as nutrition, health & well-being, beauty, fashion, cooking, safety, self-care, arts & crafts, psychology, mindfulness, entertainment, sports, and education, creators Leslie Zinberg and Kay Ziplow share humor, wit, first hand experiences and personal anecdotes. Their easy to read content covers a variety of serious topics and fun features geared for the grandparent, such as:

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“How do I speak to my daughter-in-law?”

“What exactly is a grandparent? What is their role?”

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“Why do I have a black hair on my chin?”

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