Sydney CBD Laser Tattoo Removal Large & Small Ink Body Art Services Launched

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Skinn Clinics, a skin care company, launched updated tattoo removal services using the latest PicoSure laser technology. The clinic helps clients in Sydney CBD benefit from professional tattoo removal using more effective laser technologies for fewer removal sessions.

Skinn Clinics Australia, a chain of skin care clinics, announced an updated range of laser tattoo removal services for clients in the Sydney central business district. The clinic helps clients remove unwanted tattoos with the state-of-the-art, FDA-approved PicoSure technology.

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Tattoos have seen a constant increase in popularity, with a considerable percentage of the population having at least one tattoo. While many consider it a form of art, for others it can be a regrettable decision – studies show that approximately a quarter of the people having tattoos eventually consider removal services.

Skinn Clinics Australia announced state-of-the-art tattoo removal services for clients in Sydney CBD. The clinic works with professional tattoo experts using the latest laser technology to ensure effective tattoo removal.

The clinic’s new laser technology comes as a response to certain popular misconceptions about tattoo removal technology. If done by a professional using modern technology, tattoo removal can be very effective in removing tattoos of all colors and sizes.

The Sydney CBD tattoo removal clinic uses the PicoSure laser technology, based on laser beams with bursts measured in picoseconds. The rapidity of the delivery enables PicoSure to remove even the deepest tattoos, allowing quicker and more effective ink removal.

Unlike previous laser technologies relying on multiple lasers for different colors, PicoSure uses a single laser regardless of tattoo color. The new technology is able to deliver laser bursts up to 100 times more frequently than traditional laser devices, thus requiring fewer sessions and lower overall costs to completely remove all types of ink.

To increase patient comfort and alleviate the slight pain associated with laser tattoo removal, the Sydney CBD clinic uses the Zimmerman cooling technology. This reduces the sensitivity of the treated area, making the sessions much more comfortable.

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Name: Jenny Spears
Organization: Skinn Clinics Australia
Address: 5 Salisbury Road, Castle Hill, NSW 2154, Australia
Phone: +61-1300-201-338

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