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Share This Press Release announced that “The Lost Ways”, a new book by Claude Davis, is now available for those looking to learn how to survive on their own in case of a catastrophe. announced the launch of “The Lost Ways” by Claude Davis. This new book provides the tools one needs to be a self sufficient homesteader and take care of their family in a survival situation.

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Living off the grid refers to living in an independent and self-sufficient way, without relying on public services and products. The newly launched book by Claude Davis aims to help readers learn the lost ways of their ancestors and become self-sufficient if faced with a catastrophe.

Although many talk about the importance of being prepared for an emergency event, very few actually know what to do when disaster strikes.

In “The Lost Ways”, Claude Davis offers a simple understanding of how people can survive in case of a catastrophe, such as natural disasters, economic decline and war. Readers will learn how to garden, process and store food for long term storage, identify plants that are safe to eat, as well as plants that can be used to make a natural poultice.

In his book, Davis shares some recipes that will create survival food that is nutritious and tastes good as well, and shows ancient ways to collect and store water. In addition, the author teaches his readers how to set up traps to catch animals and how to combine common ingredients to make poultices to treat injuries and infections.

Whether one’s goal is to be prepared for emergency or simply to be self reliant and off the grid, “The Lost Ways” covers the fundamental survival tips anyone needs to know.

Claude Davis says, “Modern technology can break leaving the food supply chain in chaos. Job loss can lead to financial problems making you choose between buying food or paying rent. Why rely on others that can and will let you down? Living in a self sufficient manner enables you to withstand almost anything that man or Nature can throw at you.”

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