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Surging Data Volumes Expected to Create Business Telecommunications Challenges

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New networking and communications advancements key to overcoming current and future hurdles

— According to reports released earlier this year, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are now created, stored, shared and processed each day across the globe. During the coming year, analysts expect this figure to grow to 1.7 megabytes per second for each person on the planet. With this swelling amount of data coming into circulation, businesses are facing increasing challenges in communication, storage and security. Experts are pointing to the latest developments in software defined networking (SDN) solutions, specifically on SD-WAN, as the answer for such issues.

Taking a Closer Look at SD-WAN

Networking issues began as early as the 1980s when the internet first began to take shape. Once the online world took hold, the demand for networking solutions began to surge significantly. While early versions of wide area network, or WAN, solutions offered extensive benefits for businesses of their time, rapidly advancing technology and swelling amounts of data being generated soon began to pose an entirely new list of hurdles. This gave rise to SD-WAN, the latest evolution of wide area network.

CenturyLink SD\-WAN solutions are said to offer higher levels of connectivity, performance and security than their predecessors. These software-defined wide area network alternatives allow businesses to take advantage of a wide range of services and advancements, such as faster and simpler multiprotocol label switching; versatile, high-capacity broadband options and accelerated mobile functionality via LTE to name a few.

Discussing the Various Aspects of SD-WAN

Experts in the field of telecommunications are insisting the latest SD-WAN advancements provide improved network reliability and speed as compared to early WAN technology. Greater versatility likewise comes into play as SD-WANs are capable of supporting a broad range of applications including those based in the cloud. Previous WAN models were based solely on conventional routers, making them significantly less functional in today's telecommunication environment.

Newly developed wavelength services are likewise able to mitigate growing security risks more readily than their less advanced counterparts. Studies have shown the latest SD-WAN solutions are more scalable for growing and changing businesses as well. At the same time, this category of connectivity and communication solutions has been found to provide advanced productivity by being designed to adapt to varying network conditions.

Moving Forward

At present, businesses handle and rely on numerous types of communications, including digital data, voice and video. Depending on the type of business in question and its unique needs, each of these carries its own level of significance in terms of productivity and efficiency. SD-WANs have the capacity to cover all these aspects while also being tailored to the specific requirements of each business. As new developments come to light in the technology sector, experts expect software-defined WANs to be able to acclimate to those changes.

Bottom Line

As businesses' telecommunications needs continue to grow and change, standard networking solutions developed for previous volumes of traffic are not expected to be able to handle the mounting volume and increasing diversity. Analysts and IT experts began to see this problem taking shape quite some time ago. This foresight led to the invention of SD-WANs, the next evolution in the networking sector.

Based on recent reports, SD-WANs and hybrid communications solutions may be the answer to businesses' burgeoning security, functionality and productivity needs for the application economy. They may also ultimately be the key to fostering client satisfaction. Authorities on the subject additionally believe these latest options will be able to accommodate the changes to come in the networking and telecommunications industries.

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