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SuperB Grace – Exploring Our Futuristic Blockchain Products and Trading Platform

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SuperB Grace happens to be a multinational company, aiming to facilitate the exchange of computing power across the World.

— SuperB Grace - Exploring Our Futuristic Blockchain Products and Trading Platform

SuperB Grace happens to be a multinational company, aiming to facilitate the exchange of computing power across the World. While our use case is one of its kind, we also utilize the blockchain technology in order to implement a fully decentralized platform, which gives a clear edge in the industry.

Before we move forward and explore everything in detail, it is worth mentioning that SuperB Grace's customer base has grown over time, and the platform has also achieved stability. Moreover, Token Insight also ranked us in tier 1 of mature computing power products in the industry. In order to hit these milestones, SuperB Grace has introduced an array of services and published transaction records on top 100 public blockchains. Moreover, we have also implied futuristic and sophisticated stabilization mechanisms to counter the effect of crypto’s volatility on our products.

Our Concept and Goal

Just to set the perspective here and explain in detail, it is important to consider an example.

The demand for cryptocurrency mining, BTC in particular, has surged after 2017’s crypto hype. Since mining difficulty has increased, people need more equipment and computing power to serve the purpose, and this infrastructure comes at a high cost, which is not feasible for everyone. In fact, mining has become quite concentrated, and only the big giants in the niche with extensive financial resources are pursuing it.

However, SuperB Grace plans to make mining (or any other use case that depends on computational power) more accessible by allowing every prospect to have an equal opportunity. We do that by tokenizing and decentralizing the computing power. 

Our Technology

SuperB Grace believes in utilizing the efficiency offered by different technologies, and therefore, we have implemented the best tools to serve the purpose.

Decentralized Secure Trading Ledger: With the help of blockchain technology, we ensure that the distribution of computing power remains decentralized, and no one can establish a monopoly. Therefore, everyone gets an equal opportunity
KYC: We understand that even though our use case is quite futuristic, it is sensitive as well and in order to allow legitimate and verified users on the platform, SuperB Grace implements KYC that automatically verifies the ID of a user
Cross-Platform Protocols:Since our transactions can be broadcasted on tens of different networks, we have implemented cross-platform protocols to ensure that settlements are quick and assets with different nature can also be exchanged
High TPS:SuperB Grace guarantees that in our domain, we have one of the best TPS efficiency, entertaining up to 3000 Transactions Per Second across the multi-chain network


Exploring the RRMINE Platform

RRMINE happens to be a subsidiary of SuperB Grace, providing decentralized hashrate management, delivery, and trading platform. Considering the extensiveness of our operations, RRMINE is leading the industry by operating in a variety of countries across different continents.

While there are numerous pros for using RRMINE, we will shed light on the following most obvious and prominent advantages:

High Revenue: We entertain multiple mining plans per account, allowing you to scale up the revenue and earn 3X-4X more than other platforms. Moreover, our app also updates the dividends everyday
Global Hashrate: As of yet, RRMINE has 20 mining suppliers onboard, providing 60PH/s. What's most exciting is that the service is 24/7 and covers the densest populations with respect to crypto mining, including China, Canada, and the US
Renewable and Transferable Contract:Initially, there is a lock-in period for the platform's stability. As soon as that time is over, you are free to renew your contract with us and continue earning BTCs daily, several times more than our competitors. If you wish to discontinue, you can always transfer the contract to other people and receive your capital investment
User-friendly: Your satisfaction and comfortability are our prime concerns. Therefore, we do not impose a prepaid maintenance fee and have further reduced the difficulty level for users. As a result, you can have your cloud mining contract in just 2 clicks – it’s that simple!


Other Platforms

Apart from RRMINE, SuperB Grace runs the following successful ventures as well:

DeBay: provides unparalleled crypto asset management services while ensuring security and efficiency
AnmaiCloud: basically, it runs our RRMINE platform by providing the services related to the platform technology
BHPay: it eliminates 3rdparty dependence in order to provide services of an asset management bank while leveraging the technology offered by BHP public chain
BHPA:it’s a technology service operator that extends its SaaS-based platform for cryptocurrency mining



Therefore, it is pretty evident that SuperB Grace is revolutionizing, not only the end-game (i.e. mining), but we have introduced an entire arsenal to support use cases where the use of computation power, native blockchain and trading platform holds elementary significance.

It is also worth noticing that mining is just one of the use cases facilitated by our entire tech stack. However, since our solution allows mapping of decentralized use cases on multiple chains and SaaS-based architecture, pretty much every concept can take advantage.

Just to sum up, following is the list of pros offered by SuperB Grace, adding more to the reasons why you should be using our platform:

We are registered in multiple countries after technology and concept evaluation by different boards. Thus, indicating an International presence and acceptance of our overall technology
Product diversity
Cross-chain compatibility
We utilize tens of different chains for broadcasting transactions, which provides a widescale proof of transparency
Multiple International media outlets have interviewed member(s) of our top leadership
Our platforms are praised by Forbes as well since we were invited to join the Forbes Business Council

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Organization: Hong Kong Superb Grace

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