MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Super Giant Club AMC was established, and trillions of players in the blockchain entered the market.

Super Giant Club AMC was established, and trillions of players in the blockchain entered the market.

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Super Giant Club AMC was established

— Citing Reuters New York, Fox News According to the Daily Herald Daily. After two years of consultations, 43 well-known banks, funds and insurance institutions signed a joint formation of the blockchain ancestral matrix fund alliance AMC (the Ancestor Matrix Currency Fund Alliance), plans to better coordinate the parties within the framework The full cooperation in blockchain payment settlement and encryption digital currency allows people to improve financial service efficiency at high speed and convenience without complicated cross-border settlement, bank reconciliation and lengthy exchange services. AMC said that this is a "mature and efficient framework for cooperation, allowing alliance parties to collaborate as never before."

The AMC Consortium includes 43 well-known traditional financial giants, including JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc, Leon Cooperman, Bridgewater Associates, Millennium Management, Lone Pine Capital, Pine River, Viking Global, allianz, Brummer & Partners, etc. Banks, hedge trust funds, insurance finance, acceptance exchange, bulk trade, etc., covering 170 countries and 1.6 billion people worldwide, is the largest blockchain industry association after the R3 alliance.

AMC Alliance Joint Speaker Patrick said before CNN: In view of the failure of the R3 Alliance, each member has more experience and sufficient motivation for blockchain industry agreements, using encrypted digital currency technology to improve financial efficiency and cross-bank collaboration. It is very attractive to traditional financial institutions. The overall integrity and plan of AMC's collaboration has been discussed for two years and is fully prepared. Therefore, AMC's attempt will be the most daring and most "imaginative".

When asked about the similarities and differences between the AMC Alliance and the R3 Alliance, Steven Foster, Director of Investment Business at Deutsche Bank, said: The core is that AMC is a more enforceable and more influential and constraining member of the agreement. The organization, and under the supervision of the parties, the first two $1.25 billion CAC Development Funds have been put in place, and their actions will be completely different from those of the R3 Alliance. Under the AMC mechanism, the parties in the field of encrypted digital currency are not a "pan-alliance" as loose as R3, but an independent institution that can steadily advance.

An expert interviewed said that the establishment of AMC, which is more experimental than the R3 alliance, does not mean that it will succeed. The real failure of the R3 alliance lies in the loose links between the parties. At present, the AMC alliance may circumvent the previous mistakes, but it is necessary to observe how to fully penetrate and link the actual business of the parties in the field of encrypted digital currency. As the political situation changes, such as the Brexit and the retrogression of globalization, it may also affect the long-term plan of the AMC Alliance.

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