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Stylize Your Content on Social Media Using Vkitext

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For those who want to spice up your text and art game to attract attention and be the talk among peers in the social world, then use the Vkitext website to generate cool names and artworks using special characters for free.

— The founder of Vkitext, Vu Thanh Nam is a gamer and a social media enthusiast. When asked what motivated him to open the website, he says, “I want people of Vietnam to be creative and live an impact on the people using their creativity” and this is exactly what motivated him to conceptualize Vkitext – an online portal that provides the people of Vietnam with a free tool for the creation of special character names.

He adds, “We did not just stop at special character names, we now have diversified and specialize in the creation of art jigsaw characters, Facebook icons and provide character count and italicizing and other options to make the text look impactful”.

Vkitext started its journey with just the creation of special character names that can be used to create fancy names which can attract attention in the gaming world and create simple posts that can be put up on social media to make the user stand out among others. Vkitext is supporting to create nickname on popular games such as Free Fire, PUPG, LQ Mobile, LOL, LQM, etc.

However, the success of Vkitext, motivated Vu to expand his horizon and as he recalls, “Within months of the conception of Vkitext, we were planning to expand and start specializing in other domains in the world of text art too”. At present, Vkitext focuses on a variety of business.

They create special character names for gaming purposes. They generate cool Facebook icons that are used to express emotions without having to type lengthy excerpts, introduce Vietnamese diacritics and add hyphens in between words which save a lot of time in retyping long paragraphs, create ASCII art jigsaw characters using special characters focusing on just two colors – black and white.

They have also come up with utility tools like word counting tool, a tool for creating bold, italic, and stylized text and a special tool that lets a user count the number sentences and paragraphs in a word document. Learn more

Company Profile:
Vkitext is a website running in Vietnam that acts as a repository and creates free special character text for its users. Vkitext was created by a gamer, Vu Thanh Nam, whose idea behind the concept of Vkitext was to open a medium for supplying people of Vietnam with special character creation tools and collectively synthesize the best and unique game titles and art texts. The company started with just creating special character names, but at present, has a lot to offer.

Contact Details:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Vkitext-106258320717987
P: https://www.pinterest.com/vkitext/
Y: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCihzxj8IHM6ooLkEUBWrU6A
M: https://medium.com/@vkitext
T: https://twitter.com/vkitext

Contact Info:
Name: George
Email: Send Email
Organization: Vkitext
Website: https://vkitext.com


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