Stock Value Real Time Tracking Investment Guide & Analysis Platform Launched

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Stock Value launched an updated version of the Stock Value Screener, its cutting-edge trading resources platform allowing users to gauge the real-time value of a stock and make an informed investment decision.

Stock market trading solutions company Stock Value launched an update of its popular Stock Value Screener, a full-service stock trading solution allowing investors to make informed decisions based on a wide range of data. The system offers users unlimited stock searches and extensive data on each stock, from EPS to number of shares traded per day, an easy-to-read estimate of the real worth of each stock, an accessible trading triggers system to suggest the best moments to buy and sell, and many other features.

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Stock trading might seem challenging for many beginning investors, as it requires some level of understanding of various terms and types of operations. Beginning investors often use publicly available trading suggestions to guide their actions – a habit which can result in massive financial loss.

According to Stock Value, the most important issue with such strategies is that they are often slightly behind real-time market developments; by the time a stock is publicly recognized as valuable, the market has already made corrections for it.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “By the time you see it show up on one of the news channels or ‘talking heads’ shows, the market has already made corrections for it. In fact, those are almost always market reactive instead of market proactive.”

To make up for this delay and offer a competitive, usable stock trading info tool, Stock Value has created the Stock Value Screener, its cutting-edge trading resources platform.

The Screener offers extensive information on any stock, complete with a proprietary formula-based analysis of its real-time potential. This allows users to make an informed decision on whether or not to buy or sell a certain stock.

More importantly, the system also comes with a Trading Triggers chart showcasing specific stock-related trends and pinpointing the most favorable buying and selling opportunities.

Finally, users also have access to insider share actions, complete tutorials, and many other resources.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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