Springville UT Shooting Range Manufacturer Launches Indoor Outdoor Target System

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Springville, Utah shooting range design business Spire Ranges launched new state-of-the-art target systems. The new products provide law enforcement and hobbyists with advanced target systems for indoor or outdoor target training.

Springville, Utah shooting range design and manufacturing company, Spire Ranges, recently launched a line of new, innovative target systems. The business specializes in designing, fabricating and installing live fire training equipment for both indoor and outdoor law enforcement and commercial shooting ranges.

More information is available at our website: https://spireranges.com

The new products were launched with the intent to provide law enforcement, first responders and the public shooting community state-of-the-art, reliable target systems for live fire target training.

Spire Ranges is passionate about ensuring that the professionals who keep the country safe everyday — our men and women serving in law enforcement and the armed forces — have the live fire skills they need to serve and protect. Thus, Spires Ranges’ primary goals is to install leading-edge products in indoor and outdoor training facilities so law enforcement personnel can become the best at what they do.

Spires Ranges introduced six innovative target systems to fit any indoor or outdoor shooting range requirement: The Command Urban, Command Recon, Command Stryker, Command Fury, Command Bridger and Command Treadwell are designed to meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor range configurations.

Spire’s Command Urban is a non-turning, cable driven retriever that is a reliable workhorse. It’s sleek features and low-profile design make it a favorite of shooters wanting a responsive and simple design. The Command Recon is a wireless, 360 degree retriever that carries the capability of random edging, target tease and friend/foe presentations. The Command Recon includes a gaming element where shooters can practice their timing and accuracy with preloaded courses of fire.

The Command Stryker is a 360 target turning system that can be installed indoors or outdoors above the target line. The Command Stryker is a popular target with law enforcement ranges that are built with dynamic training in mind. The Command Fury is an outdoor, ground-mounted target featuring 360 degree turning capability powered by a modern and efficient electric motor. It’s an all-weather system, performing exceptionally in both hot and cold climates and comes equipped with on board LED tactical lights. The Command Bridger is similar in look and feel to the Fury and is powered using a pneumatic piston and valve. The use of an adequately-sized air compressor is required with the Bridger

The Command Treadwell features laterally moving targets with varying speeds. Virtually all law enforcement agencies are required to quality their officers using moving targets. The Command Treadwell is an affordable and easy to use system that greatly enhances the training capabilities of the shooter.

All target systems are powered by SpireOS, the company’s proprietary software user platform. SpireOS is adaptable, allows operators to enter customized courses of fire on the fly and features a user-friendly interface.

More information about Spire Ranges is available by calling our toll free number at 1-800-761-1231, through these links https://spireranges.com/service/, https://g.page/spireranges?share or by visiting our main page at https://spireranges.com

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