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SPIN is a Spinning Flame Lantern that Creates a Campfire Atmosphere Anywhere

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Live on Kickstarter, SPIN offers a beautiful, soothing and warm fire for indoors & outdoors.

— SPIN, the revolutionary new spinning flame lantern that offers beautiful, soothing warm atmospheres, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and a breakout crowdfunding success having already raised more than $300k.

Since the beginning of mankind’s existence, nothing has provided a more soothing or mesmerizing feeling than a fresh, glowing fire. Captivating people with its cozy crackle and dance of the flames, fire has brought people together while giving a pleasant warmth. SPIN gives everyone their own personal fire tornado offering a stunning array of flames in a decorative glass cylinder.

"Everything we do is the expression of one central passion & focus – fire. In this case, we were taken by the idea of creating our very own fire tornado by expressing physical principles in the most simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing way in one gorgeous product,” says founder and CEO Thomas Kaiser on the inspiration behind the project. “The challenge was simple yet complex – to produce the largest possible flame from a minimalistic, sleekly designed product. On top of that, we wanted our product to have the cleanest-burning flame around and be suitable for indoor use. We decided in favor of bioethanol as our fuel source for one simple reason – clean emission: bioethanol is dissolved into water and vapor carbon dioxide when you burn it, and nothing else.”

SPIN works by using three guide plates that cause air to rotate even before it reaches the flame. The thermal lift of the flame itself accelerates the air, and the chimney effect caused by SPIN’s glass tube boosts the flow by up to 500% without any extra energy. SPIN offers three unique ways to enjoy our species’ greatest discovery; the standard height lantern, added elevation, and an extend pole ‘torch’ mode.

“Nothing is more mesmerizing and soothing than fire. Its glow draws you in while its warmth comforts you. Fire has an incredibly relaxing effect on people. We enjoy its pleasant warmth, its cosy crackle and the fascinating dance of its flames,” adds Kaiser. “Fire has captivated people and been at the heart of social interaction since the beginning of time. To this day, people gather around fires to create and share memories. Especially in today’s age of constant change, uncertainty and hectic lifestyles, we need those precious moments to unwind.”

SPIN is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Hofats

höfats brings fire to your life. höfats is a young design company from the beautiful Allgäu (Allgaeu) region in the south of Germany which conceives, develops and sells fascinating products that all revolve around our central theme – open fire in open spaces.

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