South Korea Teaching English As Foreign Language TEFL Travel Job Guide Launched

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A new guide has been launched covering how to teach English as a foreign language in South Korea. It covers pay details, how to find work, and more. Find out how to get TEFL Certification.

A new guide has been launched covering teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in South Korea. It was written to show the benefits of teaching English abroad, what it can offer to those who enjoy traveling, and how to apply for English teacher jobs in South Korea.

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The newly launched guide explains that South Korea is a country with close ties to the USA and a heavy influence on Western culture. South Korean slang has many adopted English words, and there is plenty of demand for learning English in the country.

Readers will learn that English is taught as a second language in all South Korean schools. The language is also widely incorporated into South Korean music known as K-pop.

Despite this, research shows that less than 1% of South Koreans are fluent in English. The majority of fluent English speakers are found in the big cities.

This means there are plenty of opportunities for TEFL teachers to travel in South Korea and teach English to pay their way. The average pay starts at $21,600 per year, which rises with experience.

The guide covers how to apply for an English teacher job in South Korea. It highlights that there are two main routes to go for anyone looking to apply.

One route is going through an established government sponsored organization, like EPIK. Alternatively, teachers can contact recruiters to help them find jobs. Teaching English as a foreign language has a range of benefits for anyone wanting a change in career or looking to get paid while traveling.

TEFL allows people to see new and different parts of the world, meet new people, and make a difference to students lives all across the world.

The guide states: “In South Korea, English is seen as a key skill that can help you be more employable in the competitive South Korean job market which will, in turn, ensure more financial stability and success.”

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