22 September, 2020

DAPPS TECHNOLOGIES LTD - one of the technology companies in the UK has just held a ceremony to launch a new blockchain game called EggsBook POP Game or in short EggsBook.

According to the developer, EggsBook Game is a decentralized online game featuring virtual fish farming, developed under the Proof of Play protocol of the ERC20 blockchain. This technology will ensure decentralization, and empower the people participating in this network.

The game using decentralized technology is appreciated for security, easy payment system, low cost, faster processing speed compared to other centralized game platforms.

The main purpose of EggsBook is to provide an entertaining experience by petting and farming virtual fish and, beside aiming to be a method of learning and practicing financial literacy, as well as earning extra income.

Thus, EggsBook is not only suitable for investors, but also meets the entertainment demands of those who are passionate about high-tech games, or just want to reduce the amount of free time and have more a good method of income.

Another highlight of the project which brings to the community is the development project method that starts from the recruitment of a large number of staffs in Asia, especially countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Russia ... to support users to participate in the project and get an official salary for the MOB and Agency positions up to $ 10,000 / month. The recruitment time will be lasting throughout the development stages of the project.

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