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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Social WordPress Plugins of 2012 Announced by

Social WordPress Plugins of 2012 Announced by

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Social Metrics Pro releases a list of 37 social WordPress plugins that might help rev up your social media marketing strategy. The list succinctly details which plugins to use and for what specific purposes. More information is provided in the links anchored into the website, providing easily accessible information that could potentially help websites to stand out more in the online social scene.

— November 2012 - has released an article that seeks to define what a social WordPress plugin is and how it can help webmasters optimize their WordPress websites for social browsing. The article, which can be found on the SocialMetricsPro blog, lists down thirty-seven of the best WordPress plugins for 2012 that offer various social integration functionalities. The article divides the plugins into four categories, and each category comes with its own examples. Most of the plugins mentioned in the post are available for a small fee or can be downloaded at no charge, and links are provided where people can either review, buy and/or download the plugin.

The article elaborates on plugins that add social media sharing bars and buttons to a WordPress site. Most of these are pretty standard, such as letting people add the usual like, share, tweet, pin, +1 buttons but some do offer unique features like drag and drop interfaces and automatic adjustment. There are a few social sharing bars that automatically adjusts itself according to a user's window size and screen resolution. Sharedaddy, GetSocial, ShareThis, and Social Buttons Pro are some of the examples that were given.

Another category mentioned were social media bookmarking plugins. These plugins give visitors a chance to share and submit webpages to social bookmarking websites like Digg, reddit and Websites like these allow people to vote for webpages that they deem to be interesting and rank them accordingly. Some of the plugins that offer this kind of function includes Shareaholic,, Bookmarkify, obsocialbookmarker, and SocioFluid.

The third category mentioned in the article were social networking plugins. These are similar to other social media tools but they take the content sharing function a step further with extended social networking features. For example the Wickett Twitter Widget makes it possible for webmasters to display and customize tweets inside widgets while the Meet Your Commenters plugin lifts commenters' information from their profiles and displays it in the dashboard.

Social Metrics Pro features its plugin under the last category of social media tracking plugins. Analytics is always an important aspect of social media marketing. These plugins display data about the amount of social signals that a particular page is producing and evaluates them according to a webmaster's specifications (like popularity, category, date, author, et cetera). SocialMetricsPro is a great example of this type of social WordPress plugin. It provides multiple social counters and is relatively easy to use. It also provides an option to export data into Microsoft Excel for easier analysis. Each social platform's performance can be gauged just by a glance at SocialMetricsPro's interface.

For a complete list of all thirty-seven WordPress plugins, just head on over to the SocialMetricsPro blog at

About Social Metrics Pro: WordPress users were finding it too cumbersome to keep an eye on analytics across all their social media channels so Daniel Tan, an expert in SEO and social media marketing, created Social Metrics Pro. This WordPress plugin allows users to choose the social media platforms they want to monitor for performance regarding their business, including LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and others. At-a-glance results are offered along with exportable reporting options to assure the most comprehensive set of tools. With this, webmasters and business owners are able to better succeed in increasing their search engine rankings and bring more traffic to their website.

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