Social Media Outreach Effective According to Southwestern College

Southwestern College Announces that Social Media Outreach Efforts Are Leading To Better Informed Applicants And Entering Students.

Southwestern College began to focus on social media marketing over other marketing avenues several years ago. The school quickly saw that they were able to reach a higher number of potential students for similar costs. Since that time, their social media efforts have not only continued but expanded, and they have discovered that new students and applicants are indicating that the ability to interact on social media early in the process was instrumental in their school decision.

“What we’re finding is that in many instances potential students are learning about us through social media long before they even visit the school for the first time,” says Dr. Jim Nolan, President of Southwestern College. “In some instances there are students who have started reading our blogs and interacting on social channels even more than a year before applying. Yet, because they were able to connect early they are very comfortable with faculty and other students at the school almost immediately.”

While the ability for students to learn more about the school prior to applying is critical for all marketing campaigns, the lead time from when an applicant first starts to research graduate programs was longer than expected.

“This has really demonstrated that as students have increased access to information, they are taking their time to make an informed decision,” concludes Nolan. “Applicants are starting their search early, and understanding the atmosphere of the college is just as important as the classes offered. By having access to past materials such as discussions and blog posts they can delve deeper and be more confident in their choices.”

Now in its 34th year, Southwestern College’s motto is Transforming Consciousness through Education. It is a graduate level institution that focuses on counseling and art therapy. Offering a holistic environment for learning, students undergo rigorous academic work that follows national standards for the Counseling and Art Therapy professions while also afforded opportunities for deeply meaningful interaction and sharing.

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