Smart URL Indie Music Industry Marketing – New Website Launch

06 January, 2015

Indie musicians, bands, recording artists and music business entrepreneurs interested in Smart URL Music Marketing will find relevant, useful information and services on the recently launched website. This new website launch takes into account several very important features including:

Music Industry Cross Promotion URL Shortening Community – free to use with 50% commission payouts on smart music marketing ad campaign orders.  

YouTube Smart Video Music Marketing Strategies such as Time Sequenced Facebook Share Gating, Video Email Opt-in Gating and Video Contextual Embedded Link Gating.

Smart MP3 Music Marketing Strategies such as Time Sequenced Tweet and Facebook Share Gating, Dynamic Text and Image Display within the MP3 Player, Email Opt-in and Commenting System which also collects Email Opt-ins. has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience with the goal of growing and maintaining a quality music marketing community suitable for all genre types.

Director of Music Sales & Marketing, Joe Vecchio described the new website in this way:

“ members shortened URLs first cross promote another members smart music marketing ad page within an i-frame with a 5 second countdown timer in the upper right banner area.  The web visitor or person clicking on the shortened URL will then see the ‘Skip Ad and Go’ button appear after the 5 seconds is up to continue on to the intended shortened URLs destination.  The music marketing ad pages look professional and trendy featuring hundreds of color textured variations on quality background images which have been Photo-shopped through countless hue variations.”

Joe Vecchio goes on to explain the conversion friendly music marketing platform in this way:

“It’s free to shorten URLs and easy to earn 50% commissions on the smart music marketing ad campaign orders because every shortened URL contains the members affiliate/referral ID embedded in the top left banner area within the logo.”

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