Silver Hummingbird Artisan Jewelry Butterfly Charitable Promotion for Collection

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Between October 3rd and November 3rd, Zealandia Designs will donate 5% of all proceeds from its limited butterfly and hummingbird jewelry collection to The Nature Conservancy, a charity dedicated to protecting pollinator species.

Zealandia Designs launched a monthlong promotion of their butterfly and hummingbird artisan silver jewelry collection to raise funds for the Nature Conservancy programs that protect pollinators. The campaign started on October 3rd, the National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day, the company donating 5% of all proceeds from sales of the designs featuring butterflies and hummingbirds.

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Zeelandia Designs designs high-quality artisan jewelry inspired by nature, spirituality and mythological art. The company’s recent campaign continues its commitment to supporting various international conservation, wildlife protection and environmental awareness efforts.

From October 3rd to November 3rd, the family-owned business will donate 5% of all butterfly and hummingbird jewelry sales to The Nature Conservancy.

The charity aims to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, and actively contribute to protecting pollinator species through continuous conservation programs.

Pollinator species – including bees, butterflies and hummingbirds – are essential for ecosystems worldwide. More than two thirds of all flowering plants and approximately 35% of all food crops depend on pollinators. With declining pollinator populations throughout the world, making a sustained effort to protect pollinators is essential.

Zealandia Designs aims to raise awareness of the importance of pollinator species while also making a significant contribution to the conservation program run by The Nature Conservancy.

The company’s hummingbird and butterfly-inspired jewelry collection includes exquisite handcrafted silver and ivory pieces with various artistic designs.

Zealandia Designs has also launched a full guide on the importance of pollinators, including valuable information on how to attract pollinator species. The full article can be found at

Established in 1987, Zealandia Designs has more than three decades of experience designing high-quality jewelry inspired by nature and mythology. The company specializes in using fossilized ivory from extinct mammoths and walruses to create unique jewelry pieces.

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