“Signs in the Heavens” New Book Launch Announcement by Robert Rite, Author

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Robert Rite, author of numerous articles and books, has launched a new book called Signs in the Heavens: Divine Secrets of the Zodiac. It covers the mysteries and secrets that are hidden in the heavens and uncovers answers to the questions for this age.

A new book has launched called Signs in the Heavens: Divine Secrets of the Zodiac and the Heavenly Bodies, by Robert Rite. Published on Amazon Kindle and Createspace, it seeks to answer a series of powerful questions, including if the history of this age is written in the heavens, and if the coming series of lunar eclipses will signal the beginning of the apocalypse.

More information can be found on the Robert Rite website at: http://robertritebooks.com/robert-rites-books.

Robert Rite is the author of over 18 books, as well as numerous articles and non fiction publications covering biblical prophecies, religion and the supernatural genre. He is a former US marine and business owner, and his recent works include Apocalypse Countdown, Awaken the Supernatural You and Blood Moons Rising.

In his latest book, Signs in the Heavens, he explains that readers will learn that there is much more to the heavenly bodies and constellations than what astrologers and their myths want people to think. He says that the zodiac signs were planted in the heavens for signs and that they can unlock several incredible mysteries.

He goes on to say that they reveal to us the history of mankind, and the outcome of the cosmic battle between good and evil. In Signs in the Heavens, he seeks to unravel these mysteries for the reader, discussing the universes and the infinite possibilities held within it.

Other subjects include aliens, UFOs and other supernatural beings, discussing whether or not they exist and if they do, then why? In addition to this, the book delves into whether or not the heavenly signs can reveal secrets about the messiah.

Robert said: “It is said that the truth at times is more stimulating than fiction. So have the best of both worlds, and stimulate your mind and soul with subject matter that really matters.”

Robert is also the creator of over 135 articles on bible facts and end of day mysteries and prophecies, among other related topics. More details about the author, along with sample chapters, press releases and related information can be found on his official website. Link to Book Page: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J5QNMAK

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