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Shopsviettel’s GPS Locator is the Most Advanced Vehicle Tracking Anti-Theft Device

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Shopsviettel introduced a device for tracking bikes to offers protection against theft.

Shopsviettel introduced GPS locator for bikes to track them in case of theft or otherwise. This company has come across several motorbike thefts over the year which led them to develop this technologically advanced device which is ideal for every vehicle owner. What’s best about this device is its ability to track using just this device which is connected to an individual’s smartphone.

Since this device’s introduction to the public, numerous orders are placed for it by bike and car owners. Also, its updated GPS technology helps a person to pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle’s position in case it’s lost. If a theft occurs then this device sends a text to the owners' smartphone to offer information about its status.

The CTO of Shopsviettel stated, “We have seen a lot of people complaining about not being able to track their vehicles adequately even if they have installed a system. Hence, our aim was to provide something which would solve this issue. Thus, we developed this device and introduced it to the market which became an instant hit.”

Also, this device makes a howling sound if there is any unauthorized impact which alerts anyone near it immediately. However, one of the most advanced features of this device which is making people’s head turn is its ability to stop the engine. This device is the ultimate protection even if thieves get inside a car and successfully turns it on; this device detects this unauthorized access and immediately shuts off the car’s engine.

The organization also demonstrated to the public that if a vehicle is lost for a longer duration, then this engine stopping aspect along with GPS tracking makes this the best protection against thefts. Moreover, its accurate positioning aids in owners and police know about where it is parked like street, house number, etc.

All these features and more have helped this company to become massively popular over a short period. The security this anti-theft device offers is something which no other can offer. With this, it is believed that vehicle thefts can be reduced to more than 90% making vehicle owners have peace of mind.

The CEO of Shopsviettel recently mentioned, “We felt like it was our job to help the Vietnamese people feel secure about their vehicle when they are not using it. This is why we started this project in the first place. After years of development and research, we were able to create this product which is ideal protection for vehicles."

So, anyone who owns a vehicle must have it installed, as it is the ultimate way of protection against theft. Also, if a car or motorbike gets lost, this device is what can help one get it back quickly through GPS tracking.

About the company:
Shopsviettel is a company which has recently become popular for its new GPS tracking device which can be installed in a vehicle. This is currently considered the ideal anti-theft device in the market.

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