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Shoot, Loot, and Farm Your Way to Victory With BlueStacks

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Mobile gaming has also been growing exponentially in Korea. BlueStacks is here to bring enhance features and experience for gamers.

— The gaming industry throughout Korea has been growing ever since its inception back in the early 2000s. With the market expanding with all sorts of titles; from esports and social games to MMORPGs, and shooters—not to mention the ubiquitous battle royales games that have permeated our culture since PUBG's launch into widespread appeal.

A representative of the company said “ Mobile gaming has also been growing exponentially, with several exciting new titles popping up every month, all of which are held back by one crucial aspect, the fact that they're limited to mobile devices. However, when relaxing at home, or gaming in the local PC room, we want to get the very best experience with our games, which is where Android emulators like BlueStacks come into play”

Android emulators allow you to enjoy your favorite Android games on PC and with a whole host of benefits including, for starters, better performance, keyboard, and mouse controls, and gaming on a much larger screen.

Additionally, BlueStacks also has exclusive features that can further enhance a gamers’ experience with these games, such as full gamepad support and access to powerful exclusive tools and features. Aspects like the Key-mapping Tool, the Macro Recorder, and the Instance Manager and Multi-Instance Sync features are there to give a gamer an edge and help a player outplay the competition.

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What are some of the basic things one can achieve with these tools? An essential aspect when playing games, whether they're PC, console, or mobile titles, is controlling them. With the increasing popularity of mobile battle royale games and MOBAs, having good controls is more important than ever.

With the BlueStacks Keymapping Tool, one can do away with virtual touchscreen controls, and play your favorite Android titles with mouse and keyboard, giving a player much better precision and accuracy, especially when it comes to shooters.

Many strategy games like “Rise of Kingdoms” have features that require lots of repetition, such as when sending soldiers to gather from the world map. There is always the need for gathering resources to quickly develop one’s town and build defenses at a steady pace. With BlueStacks, a player can create macros to help automate and optimize these actions, allowing ease of sending out troops to gather with the press of a button.

Moreover, the Instance Manager tool allows a player to create multiple instances of BlueStacks and access one game on several accounts. For these strategy games, this means that a player can have the main city and the farming cities, on the same screen, and develop it all simultaneously with the help of the Multi-Instance Sync feature.

Regardless of the type of games a gamer enjoys playing, BlueStacks will definitely have something to help improve one’s experience, from automating repetitive actions in strategy games to enjoying much better controls in shooters and MMORPGs. As an avid mobile gaming enthusiast, the company strongly suggest giving BlueStacks a try and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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