Shoot Dot Edit Launches Twelve New Professional Photography Online Seminars

21 January, 2015

Shoot Dot Edit, a premiere provider of digital photography post-processing and editing services, launched a new series of free web seminars aimed at professional photographers. Drawing upon the deep, proven expertise of Shot Dot Edit's in-house image-editing experts and other specialists, the seminars cover topics ranging from automating portions of common photography work flows to proven pricing strategies. Shoot Dot Edit relieves professional photographers of much of the usual busywork of the craft by providing fast, top-quality, highly affordable photo-processing services.

"We are always looking for new ways to help our clients spend more time behind the lens, doing what they love most," Shoot Dot Edit representative Melissa Foley said, "That was our motivation when we founded our company, and it is the impulse that has produced our brand new series of webinars. Professional photographers of all stripes are going to find some very interesting and useful information right here at the Shoot Dot Edit website."

Professional photographers may capture dozens or hundreds of images for every one that is ultimately published, sold, or passed on to a client. For many photographers, the most taxing and tedious aspect of the career is the need to sort through large collections of photographic candidates, adjusting color balance and making other tweaks in order to see what each has to offer when its true potential is realized.

That leaves many photographers spending more time handling these duties than actually shooting new photographs, a situation that most find highly unsatisfactory. Many professional wedding photographers, for example, will spend ten hours or more culling through, adjusting and enhancing the pictures shot at a four-hour wedding reception, limiting their earning potential and taking away from the joy of the photographic calling.

Shoot Dot Edit was founded to help right this balance. The company's advanced, highly effective image editing services allow photographers to cost-effectively and powerfully outsource wedding photo editing, for example, leaving them free to spend their time on what they most love doing. Shoot Dot Edit's simple, straightforward system produces fast, reliable, top-quality results that can completely absolve photographers from the need to handle this kind of work.

The newly launched free web seminars at the Shoot Dot Edit website are a further product of the company's commitment to helping professional photographers make the most of their time and their passion. Covering a strategic range of topics relevant to professional photography as a business and a craft, the on-demand seminars will help those who watch them perform even better in a variety of ways. The seminars are available immediately to all visitors to the Shoot Dot Edit website under the "Free Content" heading.

About Shoot Dot Edit:
Providing flexible, powerful, expertly directed photographic editing and post-processing services, Shoot Dot Edit helps professional photographers take on more of the work they excel at and find more time to do the things they love.

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