Shin Splints Clinic Launches Providing Help for a Painful and Common Running Injury

Shin Splints Clinic is a site specializing in empowering runners and fitness enthusiasts to fix their shin splints and get back to exercising the correct way.

— Shin Splints, medically defined as medial tibial stress syndrome, is a painful affliction in which the repetitive pressures of running and similar activities may cause microfractures in the structure of the bone which are painful and can prevent further training. Most athletes will suffer from shin splints at some point in their lives, but dealing with them without having the proper knowledge has proven difficult. Shin Splints Clinic has now been launched to collate the best information, coping strategies and inexpensive treatments for shin splints into one single resource center.

The website has been active for just three months, but already has a plethora of editorials on what are shin splints, what causes shin splints and how to prevent shin splints. Ideas include everything from getting the right running shoes with proper support to specific lower leg weight exercises, reducing the impacts and stress created from running.

The site has written articles, editorials, video content, and image resources for exercises so that individuals need look no further when trying to find out how to cope with shin splints. Both the rarer posterior and the more common anterior shin splints are covered in the materials, and there are even guides on running techniques to prevent it from happening again.

A spokesperson for Shin Splints Clinic explained, “All runners suffering from lower leg pain should have their condition properly diagnosed by a doctor, but often after an expensive consultation, most will tell you to rest and take pain killers. To avoid shin splints from returning in the future, we have collated some of the best ways of preventing shin splints that seasoned runners have discovered, which we have tested and verified before posting to ensure we aren’t wasting anyone’s time either. We also provide advice and guidance on managing the condition to continue training and minimize the discomfort - something most athletes suffering from shin splints want to do.”

About Shin Splints Clinic:
Shin Splints Clinic is a new site that has information about a common running injury called shin splints. The site includes detailed resources on how to treat them, what they are, who gets them, what exercises and stretches can be done to avoid and manage them, what equipment and running shoes can prevent them, and more. The site is regularly updated with the latest discoveries surrounding the condition.

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