Sherwood Mortgage Group Launches Website To Help Toronto Homeowners Find Mortgages

05 January, 2015

Reporting for the newspaper “The Washington Post” in his article “Tips on selecting the 'right' mortgage lender” Harvey S. Jacobs advises all those who are seeking to finance a new home. As a real estate lawyer and investor, Mr. Jacobs writes, “Obtaining a home loan today is more complicated than it was in previous years. This is as true of those looking to buy their first home, as it is for those who have gone down this road before. The easiest way to navigate these confusing waters is to do your research carefully. Choose a mortgage that makes the most sense for you and your particular financial situation. As a rule, always be sure to work with professionals in the mortgage field that have your best interests in mind.”

Meeting the needs of consumers who find themselves confronted with the task of finding the right mortgage is the Sherwood Mortgage Group. Spokesperson for Sherwood Mortgage Group Abby Tungel explains their mission, “We understand how crucial finding the right mortgage is for anyone looking to purchase a home. When you are buying a new home or refinancing one you already reside in, the mortgage you lock yourself into is a major component of your long-term investment. Even the different of a point or two can mean a noticeable difference when you are making a monthly payment.”

Ms. Tungel continues, “Our company was established to provide excellent customer service, ease the pre-approval process and work with our clients to answer their questions about home mortgages. Our company goal has always been to not just find our clients a mortgage, but the 'right' mortgage for their individual needs. At the Sherwood Mortgage Group, we pride ourselves on the ability to make the home buying process in the Toronto metropolitan area less stressful for applicants.”

Abby Tungel elaborates on how their company is able to accomplish this. “We are an independent brokerage group, not committed to any one mortgage lender. This allows us to direct our expertise to helping our clients achieve the dream of home-ownership. As a bonus, we offer a 'mortgage calculator' on our website. All anyone has to do is fill in their personal information and see the many variables that will affect their decision. For prospective clients who may have questions, we invite them to contact us through our web pages or telephone us so that we can eagerly answer their questions.”

About Sherwood Mortgage Group:

This advisory company has been able to save their clients time, effort and money during the mortgage application process. Their commitment to customer service and low rates has led them to earn the title of “Toronto’s top mortgage broker” two years in a row. Through their user-friendly website, applicants are able to simplify and clarify home financing. In addition to finding the best mortgages for the purchase of new homes, their multilingual team is experienced in other aspects of real estate investment and refinancing options.

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Joe Hughes

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