Shannen Doherty and Animal Non-Profits Set to Meet Chinese Leaders in Los Angeles to Discuss Stopping Yulin

Animal Hope and Wellness and I Stand With My Pack is encouraged by allegations that the Chinese government has agreed to "prohibit restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat" at the 9th Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, occurring on June 21, 2017.

— Violating the edicts could result in arrest and fines of up to 100,000 Yuan. Thousands of dogs are brutally tortured, often cooked alive, and eaten for supposed "good luck" at this fledgling festival, which according to Wikipedia was first established in 2009.

If the Chinese Government indeed bans the gruesome activities of the festival, during which dogs are hung up, their limbs removed while still alive, boiled alive in pots, and other such macabre actions, the People's Republic of China will become a world leader in the effort to save the lives of millions of animals worldwide that are unceremoniously slaughtered on a daily basis for purposes of consumption and profit. Animal Hope & Wellness and I Stand With My Pack encourages the People's Republic of China to take official measures to become a world leader, and furthermore encourages the United States of America and other countries around the world to follow suit.

"It is legal to consume dog and cat in 44 states right here in the U.S." says Shannen Doherty during the Q & A on May 7th in Beverly Hills where several animal non profit foundations united to take a stand against this atrocious festival. Animal Hope & Wellness and I Stand With My Pack calls for each of these 44 states to ban the sale, processing, purchase, and consumption of dog meat products. Shannen Doherty and her brother Sean Doherty have already began pushing legislation with bill H.R. 1406. The bills goal, "To amend the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption in the United States."

Aleksandra Schiffer, the animal rights advocates Executive Director stated, "The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is a deplorable act of mass torture, gruesome murder and immoral consumption of thousands and thousands of dogs. It is not a festival. We're all so grateful that the Government of the People's Republic of China is taking the necessary steps to end this event once and for all. We acknowledge and encourage China and Taiwan(where it's already illegal) to be the leaders among the world's nations in setting laws and standards for the humane treatment of dogs. We urge China to continue down this path, and concurrently urge the United States of America to ban such practices both nationally and on a state-by-state basis. Similarly, we encourage the other nations of the world to adopt similar measures immediately."

Marc Ching of Animal Hope & Wellness and Aleksandra Schiffer of I Stand With My Pack will be meeting with the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Los Angeles to acknowledge China's moral acts of leadership as this day of horror approaches June 21st.

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