Self Help Books for Relationships: 10 Simple Secrets Book Launched

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Erick and Katie Jay's marriage advice blog offers free online marriage advice about changing living in unhappy marriage and how to survive a bad marriage without divorce.

Love and relationship experts and authors of eight best relationship books Erick and Katie Jay have launched their blog, which went live last month. It is expected to become a big hit with fans of their best relationship books.

More information can be found at the authors’ marriage advice blog:, which offers free online marriage advice.

The Jays have authored eight best relationship books. Their blog is aimed at helping couples overcome challenges in communicating with each other and re-igniting romance and passion. There’s also particular excitement about this launch because they offer a free book to their readers.

The book, A Woman’s Guide: 10 Simple Secrets that will Change Your Marriage, sets its main focus on ten extremely simple tips that are transformative for relationships. Readers will likely find a particular interest in the advice because it is based on marriage advice for women from men.

Erick and Katie Jay are a couple who have worked hard to create a loving, sustainable relationship that meets both their needs. This helped shape the creation of the book because in studying the existing literature, and working with coaching clients, they realized that no one system was sufficient. They were inspired to combine the most popular theories and add their own twist. The blog is the lab where they develop their content for their books.

When asked about why they write best relationship books, Katie Jay said: “We found out that, even if a couple’s relationship has been one way in the past, they have the power to change it and create their best relationship.”

One client said, when she started working with the Jays, “I need a miracle to save my marrriage.”

She is one of their fans now, having done the work and changed her own relationship. She was particularly concerned because, as she put it in her intake application, her “husband won t talk to me about problems” and “husband always in a bad mood.”

The Jays have hopes that the blog and their book will inspire couples (and if not couples together, then women) to take to heart the free online marriage advice they offer and then work to change – and save – their relationships.

“Often, one member of a couple is willing to work on the relationship,” says Katie Jay, “but the other won’t. Our advice is aimed at women living in unhappy marriage because they are usually the ones in the relationship who are problem-aware sooner. The advice works for those who ask themselves ‘how to survive a bad marriage without divorce?’ “

Many women benefit from the dear abby marriage advice style of the blog and like the information on how to train a husband. For those searching for Reddit marriage advice, the blog is a rich source of usable tips that will help those living in unhappy marriage.

Ultimately, their advice can be boiled down to this, the topic of a recent blog post: Choose your relationship and choose to make it happy.

The authors’ positive outlook is certainly testament to their optimism considering the fact that their own relationship might not have gotten off to a start at all! They met through an online dating service. The day before they were supposed to have lunch, Katie was harassed by another user of the service – a man who turned out to be a con man who had done time for fraud. She was spooked but decided to go out with Erick anyway. They hit it off and the rest is history..

In a recent interview, the authors made a point of thanking their clients, who have so generously shared their lives and stories, helping them to create a program that helps even more clients in their coaching practice. They also thanked their parents, “who provided us with models of loving relationships.”

Those interested in learning more about the couple’s work should visit their blog:

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