SegMate vs ManyChat: Alternative Facebook Messenger Chatbot Tool Features & Cost

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Karl Schuckert and Keith Gosnell announced the launch of SegMate, a revolutionary full-featured Chatbot Messenger marketing platform. SegMate allows businesses to engage current subscribers via unlimited fan page connections. It helps companies improve the last steps of the user communication process with the brand.

Karl Schuckert and Keith Gosnell have announced a revolutionary new bot building and subscriber management platform, which helps online marketers effectively boost their open rates and click-through rates. SegMate is an extremely intuitive drag and drop chat builder and a powerful alternative to Manychat.

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Chatbots play an important role in conversion optimization, especially since Facebook announced that they were bringing chatbots to the Messenger platform. And the adoption of bots is becoming key to the future success of a Facebook customer service live chat and marketing campaign in general.

The site explains that users are seeing as high as 80% open rates and 54% click-through rates with SegMate.

Businesses are able to grow their subscriber list and convert them into loyal customers with the variety of tools included in the SegMate suite. The SegMate drag and drop interface is very intuitive. Beginner users without any coding experience can build, host and manage chatbots with ease.

SegMate comes with a subscriber management feature, which helps users filter their subscribers based on interest and improve the communication by providing relevant and valuable information.

Michael D. Moore, a marketing expert and satisfied user shares “Putting my first Bot and M.Me link together turned out to be very easy to follow with the Video Tutorials and help from the SegMate team. For a non-tech person getting into Messenger and Bots for the first time felt daunting but it quickly became apparent that the SegMate system was not difficult with, easy to learn tutorials and support.”

The SegMate platform is designed to evolve over time and will continue to provide the best marketing, sales and support platform for its users. SegMate is the next generation of Messenger Marketing & Facebook Chatbot platform that consolidates the best features in an all-in-one experience.

SegMate helps businesses grow by streamlining their interactions with subscribers and potential customers. With the number of powerful and effective features, SegMate is set to attract millions of users.

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